Asking for help.

  • I am asking for a reading to help me with my son. I have a son that is in jail for a lot of really bad things. I just do not think that he was the only person. I feel like their was more than he is saying which he is not saying anything. Any help that anybody can please give me about him.

    His name is Xavier Remington Henderson dob 02/25/1984 please can somebody give me some insight on this. Do you think that he will be going to prison for a very long time more than 15 years he has four different charges on him. ANd then they he has a gun charge that was from last month. I really would not have thought of my son doing all of this. Can you please help

    Thanks illona

  • Illona, your son has this confused 'wanting to be famous/infamous' aspect to his nature that wars with his gentler side. Part of him likes to be anonymous and invisible, then there are other times when he wants very much to be noticed. This ambivalence often gets him into trouble. He can't help wanting to act out his fantasies, he is not content to be just another guy living in obscurity. He dreams big and it leads him to unrealistic choices and being with all the wrong people who tell him what he wants to hear. To be somebody else for a while, to be known, to be recognized, talked about, to be the subject of 'buzz' - that is what drives him to do things that are exciting but illegal. He feels that his ordinary family and his roots are going to hold him back so he steps out with people who are not like those at home. He fears rejection. He needs to feel accepted by these people who seem so cool and superior to him. He doesn't see their superficiality and badness. He is known as the guy who knows everything, but is afraid to talk to his own family. It may be that he needs the reality of a stint in jail to wake him up from his fantasies and learn to appreciate his real home and family.

  • Hello Captain

    I must agree with you. My son does have that nobody can tell him anything. He knows it all

    and he knows nothing. He can an awesome person when he wants to and then he can be

    the person that nobody wants around. I do agree with you that this is something that he needs

    It is sad that it has to happen this way. But I guess you make your bed you have to laid in it.

    I really do not wish this on him but what can I do. He is 29 years of age and he knows right

    from wrong. That is why he did not call me because he knew I would not agree with what he

    was doing.

    Thank You so much Captain


  • recommends!

    You are welcome =)))


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