Somebody that reads tarot cards can you look at these for me please

  • To anybody that can help

    I know that you have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to the tarot.

    I was wondering if you could please help me. I pulled three cards and this

    is what I got. There was no general question. I just was trying to see if I under

    stood them.

    Card 1 The Emperor

    Card 2 Ace of Cups

    Card 3 Ace of Wands

    I know they are good cards. That the Emperor is a strong old man could be a boss or an authority firgue. And that both of the Ace's are new beginning. That wands means happening fast.

    But my question is because their is cups & wands water & fire they do not mix.

    So that weaks it. Can you help me with this.

    Now I have another question about the wands & cups. This time the cups was first and it was reversed

    Card 1 Nine of Cups reversed

    Card Knight of Wands

    Queen of Swords

    Because the cups and wands are together again this means it weakens the meaning because fire and water do not mix. One thing I can say I do know that the Knight of Wands is that moving card and that I will be moving it looks like. So can you please tell me what you get from these cards thanks so much livingona Prayer

    Thanks Illona

  • Hi Illona, what makes you think that fire and water can't mix ? I for one am a living examle of a Fire sign, mixed with lots of water in my horoscope. What it does to you, however, is it creates complexity and lots of contradictory impulses, such as it makes you both emotionally open/ vulnerable and creative/pro active. The Emperor, by the way can also be associated with an Aries/fire sign man, apart from being just an authority figure. I would interpret these 3 cards as some kind of new beginning, involving this man, which will have an emotionally open and sincere quality along with the decisive action/fertility of some sort. The situation looks good to me, whether it is about a lover or a boss (or both). As for the second one - again there is a fire sign man, ready for an action, and a professional/single/self sufficient woman, who might have been emotionally upset/let down in the past. This might partly explain why this woman has a hard time of emotionally openning up. Well, that's my take on this particular combination of the cards...

  • Hello VoplySoply

    I must say thank you so much. I know that fire and water can mix because I have a friend that is a fire sign and we get along very well. I believe that I have some of that fire sign in me. I am a water sign and I have a lot of fire in me. The first part sounds like me and friend that are very close. He is an aries, and was just saying that he thinks that he will probably need some more people to help him with his new business. Wow this fire man is really in my life. I am single and have been let down in the past. And I do have that problem. But with my aries friend I tell him alot of things. I just shy away because of my weight. But I was just thinking that maybe I should stop thinking negative about that.

    Thanks so much Illona

  • Hi,

    I think you've reached a plateau in some area of your life. Emperor, when I draw it, usually refers to someone who is distant/distancing. A need to start new career wise. Is there something that you're considering. Strike a bold/new/creative path is what I get from these cards. Don't let others hold the "key" to your happiness.

  • Queen of swords is you looking forward. Also, marks a new level of awareness/education. Going higher to a different level.

  • Hello Daliolite

    Well I am back in school. I had taken some time off from school, because my last professor

    was just a mean old lady. And she had me in tears. So I start back last month. And I have been thinking about writing short stories for the kindle. I have start a couple. I have never done that before and I have been thinking about taking the test for bails bond and see what happens with that. Now when you say distanting, most of all of my real friends are on the east coast. I have just let a couple of people go this year, just distanting myself from them, because everything I would say they would laugh or say that I am crazy. So I just felt like they are people that need to be let go.

    Thanks for your help Illona

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