Is There Any Chance of Me Leaving?

  • Thanks Captain! Appreciate the insight-he seemed like a player. He is very attractive but Im glad I decided not to give in to temptation lol!

    He lied about spreading the rumor yesterday and I was very friendly with him but didnt kiss him like he wanted me too yesterday.

    Itll be slightly hard because he is an attractive man giving me attention but I really dont think I would ever talk to him anymore. He sounds ridiculous.

    Does he think Im easy to manipulate and am I just another "challenge" for him?

  • Also is there any way to confront him about this rumor (in a way I think its pointless) for the most part I think Im going to just drop talking to him altogether I don't like for people to think its ok to play around that way. Im so scared to date-all I ever really attract is bad. I kind of think I will always be paranoid that every guy is out to get me.

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