What to do when you have made a virgo man mad

  • Hello all,

    I am new to the site. I have been dating a virgo man (turning 30) for 2 months. We see each other 2 to 3 times a week, get along great, I have met his parents, gone to his church and things are working really well. He have an awesome connection. Btw, I'm a scorp. I know that he wants to get married in the very near future and start a family. I feel the same.

    Well to make a long story short, this morning I found out that he defriended me on facebook. I think he thinks that I have been snooping on his page which is not the case. His bday is coming up and he sounded a little down about a party that he was going to have that is not happening anymore. I sent his best friend a fb message asking him if maybe we could organize something for the virgo. I don't really know his bestfriend. I think my virgo got mad at this along with another incident that took place on fb and decided to defriend me. He is going hthrough a lot of stuff with work and his finances.

    I called him today and left a message apologizing for everything and letting him know that I did it bc I care. I have not heard back from him. This is the first time that have gone an entire day without talking. Its killing me not knowing what is going on.

    I guess my main concern is that I am scared that I have pushed him away altogether. What do you guyd think? What is the best approach to get through to him?

  • Hi

    Let him brew. Re read your own story and you will see you have nothing to be sorry for, He on the other hand has. Its like he accused you of cheating or going behind his back which is not the case.

    I´d say let him brew and await his move. If he does great because you did apologize even though you didnt need to. its his turn to apologize and explain himself to you.

    Good luck honey.

  • I have been married to a Virgo for 19 years as of September 1. I am a Pisces. I have a couple of suggestions. First of all, don't try to explain yourself right away, he won't listen. With Virgo men it's all about timing. Once he is ready, he will listen (and secretly feel stupid for his behavior once everything is laid out on the table). Secondly, he'll eventually come around if you just ride it out. Virgo men are very controlling and like to think everything is their idea. It may take time, but don't let him know you're worried. If he thinks he's gotten to you it will get his juices flowing knowing that he's controlling your emotions and it will take him that much longer to come around.

  • Sorry Bente, I would disagree. Blessing 25, I certainly did not recv the same negative aura from your post. In fact, the air and energy surrounding you is hopefulness, albeit, incurable.

    Seems like the best approach would have been some "good ol' fashion" listening and observing non-veral signal at the time of f the incident Is it me or has anyone else picked up a spirit of Mr. Babeln ConFusion or Ms. Communi Kation? What the REAL issue? the Root Cause of why he stopped talking? Im sure there is a logical explanation, esp since ya'll are so close and all. Im mean, I would not want my mate-2-B to stew "just because". That's ludacris.

    You didn't mention if this is how he normally responds? But after both of yall have made a REAL effort to effectively communication for mutual understanding, and a cooperative spirit still alludes this "union"....Then R.U.N

  • MeiCare: Im not negative Im juss blunt to the point. Ive known too many men who act like blessings25 virgo man. Its not the sign per se, its the man. Besides who said ANY on here has to agree?

    Instead of calling me negative you can do 2 options, 1. if ya aint got nice things to say keep ya mouth shut. 2. agree we disagree.

    I AGREE whole heartedly with Akimbo67. Not because she also is witha virgo male, but because all males from time to time does this.

    Frankly ought we women cower and be neurotics just because men wants us to be? Is this the darkages again.

    I gotta ask MEiCare, have you at all followed womens rights movement at all? Frankly I feel you just threw all that out the window and returned us to when all we need care of was to look pretty and be a baby factory for the ego of men.

    Now im being VERY sarcastic. Which is my right.

    Bless all strong women! Whimps be gone! <

    Irony! get it! thehehehehe

  • Hello There I too am a pisces in a relationship with a virgo man, this is the most fullfilling yet emotionally exhausting relationship I have ever endured in my life. They aer very moody, and are easily frustrated. They often need to feel as if they are the center of the universe, I just let him believe that to keep the peace, but in my mind and my heart, I know what the reality is of it all... That is important. Virgo men throw tantrums and fly off the deep end alot. Make the decision on whether you are going to be able to tolerate it, if not than walk away. I know it's hard because that passion and incredible fiery intimacy, is scary when yiou think you may be losing it., but unfortunately Virgo men don't change they mellow out with age, but they don't change. If you think he is worth it than stick it out, but you have to do alot of agreeing to disagree, trust me after 12 years, I know... Good luck to you

  • This is the first time i have ever replied to this site, but the topic caught my eye because i too have been with a virgo man for 10 yrs. I am a sag.

    I agree with both 'Blessings" &" MEiCARE". its true u need to let him brew... don't push the issue. What concerns me is ...Why he blocked you from his friends list on FB? If he has got nothing to hide it wouldnt even X his mind to think that you've been snooping. That would wave a RED FLAG for me. But, afterall you really have know idea what the reason is for his silence. Don't jump to conclusions and don't apologize anymore, once is enough especially when ur not even sure why you've done so. Virgos don't like to tell the whole truth about things, they like to keep you wondering. One thing is for sure, they need to know that they are important and appreciated. You never know, he could just be testing you to see how much you care.

    My opinion.....TAKE A BACK SEAT AND OBSERVE.

    Like'' wynnr77' my relationship has brought me to my HIGHEST -HIGHS and my LOWEST-LOW's. very emotional, but i know my VIRGO man loves me more then anything, I AM THE ONE. BUT still after 10 yrs he still plays games.



  • I know what you all mean regarding Virgo men. First of all, don't tell yourself that you "made" him mad. I'm a Scorpio woman too, so I know what it's like to be overly self-critical. Virgos and Scorpios tend to understand each other's flaws more than each other's strengths. It sounds weird, but you have to be in love with a person's faults as well as their strengths to keep a relationship going. Try talking about the things you two have in common, as well as your common beliefs and deep-rooted values. There's nothing both signs love more than ideas, even if they may differ from time to time.

  • I spoke with virgo late Friday night. He was not mad and removed me from his friend list as a joke in regards to a convo we had last wk which I forgot about. He also did not know about the msg that I sent his friend. He was completely oblivious to the whole thing. I guess I completely jumped to conclusions on this one.

    However, I do have one question. He has been a little distant this wkend. Last night he asked me what I was doing today and invited me to go with him and some of his church friends to the beach. We texted this morning. Then I called him about 30 mins after our last text to see what's going on with today. He did not pick up. That was about an hr ago. Idk what's going on. I know as a scorp my imgination can run wild. For example, what happened a few days ago. But I don't get his actions. Normally he answers or calls right back. When we were texting he said he had just waken up. I am starting to not understand this virgo. Idk if its me or him. Hmmm...

    Btw, thank you guys for all of the advice!

  • My best friend is a Virgo and so is my boss, this is what I've learnt from them, hope its helpful.

    Virgo men are very private people, they are also very quick to act when they feel their privacy has been breached or their space has been invaded. After then have acted, they take time to think the situation over and then act on that rather than the original thinking.

    It is not wise to keep pushing a Virgo man when they don't want to talk about something, you usually just make them mad/sarcastic. The best thing to do is let them know you are there when they want to talk and give them space.

    Although my boss and best friend are very similar personality wise, how they react to an argument is different (although I guess the way I act with them is different). With one of them, I limit any contact/discussion and they eventually offer the olive branch rather than keep the bad atmosphere going. The other we talk it through or argue until theres nothing left to argue about and we are ok.

    Virgo men are great most of the time but their moods are not!

    If he is being distant I think thats just normal behaviour, they do that now and then when they have something on their mind but it doesnt usually last too long. You could ask him if theres anything wrong, from experience if its something you did he will tell you or you can leave it and wait for him to work through it.

  • I am a pisces- close to aquarius (born feb 21) and was married to a virgo for 20 years. we got along fine at first, maybe because he was deployed with the navy for weeks and months at a time. but when he got mad at me- it was awful. 1. he would not accept an apology even though i had to accept his. 2. he would have tantrums such as driving wildly (if the argument was in the car) 3. he wouldn't listen to any explanations - he called them "excuses" not "reasons". 4. he would torture me verbally by making me listen to his hour long explanation of why he was right. 5. finally, after i would think of something really profound to say that upheld my reasons and behavior he would apologize for getting angry and then be nice.

    so, warning: if you want to live like that for the rest of your life- then marry him. otherwise, find someone normal

  • Emcvee, I am sorry to hear about your relationship with ur ex. But I would venture to guess not every virgo behaves like ur ex. My father (a virgo) was happily married to my mother (a pices) for 16 yrs before she passed. I am not saying that virgo men might not have their quirks but such extreme tempetmental outburst I do not think is found in all virgo men.

    Thank you for your input.

  • your are right blessings 25. i hope i didn't sound to harsh. thank you for your reply :>)

  • I agree with Bentstoker , you did nothing wrong let him figure it out .... sometimes I just can,t stand how some men treat women. We need to stick up for each other That,s the bottom line It makes me very upset that someone tries to do something nice and it becomes twisted and turned to a negative by some inconsidrate male . I say enough let him stew in it. You need to be apologized to not the other way around. Leonida

  • Hi everyone 🙂 I am also with a Virgo man , and my guy before was a Virgo as well, One thing you must always keep in mind is that they have really strong opinions, but will always take the time to think things through.... this is the hard part for you,,, you must be able to give them space to do so, you have to take on the attitude of " I'm here when your wanting to talk but in the mean time I am going on with my life... " almost like you dont care.... you have to remember this is HIS issue and he needs to work through it on his own..... Virgos also dont like help they really think they can do it all on their own.

  • Ok, it's not about women's rights..or anything like that. Virgos are in some ways tunnel visioned. They see it "their way"...until they decide to even look at it from your angle..it's their way. Some Virgos will come back around after an altercation when they decide they're ready to talk it over. Or actually no matter what the explanation is..if he's moved past the conflict it's a done deal. The make up is just that..making up. It's not about understanding each other..because it's gonna be the Virgo's way no matter what. When you marry "perfection" that's how it goes. You win some, you lose some...but it all depends on the virgo in the end.

  • I would venture to say your Mother had her ways of dealing with this Virgo husband that you were not aware of. That is exactly how Virgo's are..I married one for 33 years and it's impossible to negotiate with them.

  • Hi everyone. I'm a gem. Well, I have a similar problem as blessings25 had. I have a male virgo friend who I thought I had a close friendship with. I have known him for about 3yrs. At first, I did not like him at all because he seemed like such an inconsiderate person who thouht he was god's gift to the world! But then we got to know eachother and I actually like him as a friend. He is so different when we are alone. I always use to have a great time with him because he is so much fun to be around, even though he fits the virgo characteristics to a tee. He was always very flirty with me and always telling me how much of a lady I am and all that good stuff. He would joke around alot too, so I would take certain things he said as a joke. Anyway, he used to call me and text me all the time on a daily basis. Then all of a sudden, his calls/texts stopped. I would text him and he never texted me back. So I have no idea what the deal is with him. Well, my friend asked him if he was mad at me for something and he said no. So I haven't heard from him in like 3 months or so. What should I do? I want to know what happend between us, but I also know I didn't do anything that I should apologize for. I miss this man. He always would manage to put a smile on my face. But then I think about it, if he misses me and our friendship he would contact me. Am I right? Help me out Virgos... this man is so difficult to understand!

  • Ell83, thats not a typical virgo male behavior. ANY male regardless of sign does that.

    Useally the withdraw happens after the male believes he has confided too much too soon and is now scared he messed up.

    not muh to do but wait for him to come around.

    anyhews my 5 cents n no none need to agree with me n NO its no neg bc ive had that happen to me too many times to count so .................. im still waiting as patiently as i can,. cheers

  • Bente you may be attracting the same sort of man over and over perhaps? Virgo men are all about timing. Just as someone else posted. There's no sense in talking before your Virgo man is listening, because it won't get you anywhere but in more trouble. They perceive you verbage as trying to one up or instruct them and you can't instruct a virgo unless they approach you for that lesson. Lesson 1...never try to teach a Virgo unless the lesson is requested by them. Only then will they listen. This is not indicative behavior by most men. This is specific behavior by Virgos. The ship maybe is sinking and they're telling you how to bale water out of the ship. Never mind why it's sinking just do what they tell you to do their way. The positive side

    of most Virgo males is they'll take the responsibility for their decisions right or wrong. A true Virgo prefers to handle situations be it professional or personal for both partners and accept whatever cost or consequence comes their way. You don't have to worry with a Virgo because they already know how they're going to handle anything that's thrown at them. Can be a nice position to be in if you do not mind taking a back seat in things and allowing them to be in charge totally. It's not for everyone, but if you're a woman who's had to find her own way for a very long time and you get a confident Virgo man..it's a nice respite from having to prethink situations. They have it all under control. So trust your Virgo male.

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