Tarot nick may i have a reading please.

  • Hi Nick,

    Am about to make major changes in my life and would love to see what you pick up on if you have the time!

    Thank you.


  • Hi SmilerE,

    This is what I picked up,

    seems like you are fighting

    which has put you in a bad mood, I'm guessing you have been short tempered

    not helping matters, it seems money is going out the window

    Did that fighting cause a separation...feels like it

    looks like something came up with the family and you are going to put your attentions in that direction

    and you are worried because you can’t see your way clear

    the fighting seem to take a toll on you, I get the feeling the smoke will clear

    it's important to be humble, it seems you have a skill but if you think too highly it will turn on you

    after all the anxieties you have had, things will get better

    remember don’t get restless, let things happen, it may not seem to move quick enough, but some things take patience

    Hope that helps,


  • Thanks Nick

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