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  • I have been in a long distance relationship with this man for a couple of years. We are at a crossroads and I would like to know if I should pursue moving to his city. He is a Leo and I am a Scorpio...not always such a good mix. I do love him though. His BD is July 28, 1954 and mine is Nov 15, 1953. Your insights are so interesting, I couldn't resist asking!!

  • There is often a feeling of rightness about this relationship, a sense that it has achieved a certain balance and appropriateness. You two generally have a feeling for the right time for action. You will seldom have to strain to achieve your goals but can ride the wave of inevitability and fate. Such cosmic surfing shows the relationship's ability to 'hook into the Force' whether of earthly, stellar or divine origin. There is an easy balance here between the ethereal and physical poles of existence.

    The relationship often fosters a need for justice and for righting wrongs. Whether it emerges at home, at work, or in the social sphere, it will justify its own existence by working to bring everyone it encounters their just rewards or desserts, including the two of you yourselves. However, if tendencies to be judgmental and to claim infallibity are not kept under control, the relationship may wind up dispelling the atmosphere of fairness it sets out to create. So ensure you are more open and forgiving to each other and to other people. Some power may have to be relinquished, and kindness fostered. This relationship has good prospects for marriage as long as any merciless or punishing tendencies can be put aside. Don't either of you try to play God and beware of succumbing to the dark side.

    So have you asked your friend how he would feel about your moving to where he lives? That may be the deal breaker or maker.

  • Captain, my captain - I am a virgo 9/6/58. I have two careers and am starting to feel like one is keeping me from the other and if a partner or love would just step in it would make it all easier. I thought at the begining of the year I had something going with a fellow virgo who went from being crazy about me to saying hes not sure he wants anything committed again. Do you see love on the horizon and an easier time for me.

    Thank You in advance - I think your great!

  • Captain help !:)

    I have some doubts with one libra.I'm virgo.I don't know what should I do with him.

    We are still just friends ,but I wonder can we be something more.

    p.s.I opened thread on I-ching ,so if you want ,you can answer me there.I would appreciate it.:)))

  • Captain,

    Your comments do resonate with how I see our relationship. We have both been dealing with being more compassionate and forgiving to one another. Its been hard having a long distance relationship with such strong feelings on both sides. He also spends a tremendous amount of time working...he's an entrepreneur, which takes time away from our phone time. He recently asked me whether I could see myself spending the rest of my life with him. I said yes. We have not decided who will move to whose territory, but it seems most likely I will come to him. Id be ok with that...if he will spend the time it takes to support our relationship at that next level. I guess that is my most important he capable of that with me? Am I being an over analytic, paranoid Scorpio, or smart and cautious woman??? He says he is, but will he spend all his time working? If I moved and he was gone all the time, I would not be happy there. We do work together some as well...we make such a good partnership.

    You did say it looked good for a marriage.

    Thank you VERY much for your feedback! You are as good as many professionals!

  • I don't answer other people's questions in private threads so anyone who is not Scorpioheart should go to the top of this page and click on "Create a new topic" if you want a reading from me.

  • Scorpioheart, have the two of you ever had a vacation or spent any time off together? Was your friend able to put work aside to devote time to you then? Maybe you could try going for a visit with him before making a big final move to see how that goes first.

  • .I opened thread on I-ching ,:)))

    Can you answer me there?

  • I don't read the I Ching. I do psychic readings in the Psychic section or astrological/numerological readings in those sections.

  • okay,i opened a new thread.I hope it's ok now.I would appreciate your answer.:)

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