• Yes, positive thinking meditation helps. Letting go of anger, forgiving all who have hurt you, releasing any past hurts, childhood traumas.....basically not carrying all that blocks you, with you. Releasing isn't easy all the time and keeping the negative thoughts from coming back isn't either, but it can be done!! Sometimes you have to give in to divine timing, just surrender and not worry about things, stay stress free....what you worry about is what will come to you. Gratitude is the most important it even when bad things happen....they are all lessons for us to be grateful for. The Universe loves grateful people, the more grateful you are, the more good things will come!!

    In other words, your blocks come from things you are worried about and things you aren't releasing...meditation does help this, but again, I would start with guided meditation.

    As far as preventing the blocks from being created at will need to train yourself to stay in your core of peace when upsetting things happen. It is hard sometimes, but can be done. If someone is hurling insults at you for insistence, instead of tensing up, getting angry, holding it in and creating that turmoil inside of you....just repeat to yourself..."all is well" and know that the other person is responsible for his own anger and lack of control....not you!!

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  • Even bad things happen in your life to teach you something or to change your path....when they happen or have happened, try to find the lesson and be grateful for it instead of angry. If you feel like a victim, that is what the Universe will send you because those are the thoughts you are dwelling on. In other words, they will keep sending you situations where you are "victimized". What you believe and expect is what you will get!! Tell God, or the Universe, you are ready for good things, to let go of the past...make it your intention....doors will open and the Universe will guide you because you have stated you are ready!!

    I am starting your session in a few minutes....enjoy!!

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  • You are so welcome! I am glad your back is better....just let me know if you want another session anytime!

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  • Hi LibraLuli, i just wanted to let you know that since the last reiki session you gave me i haven't had any (even the slightest:)) problems with my back. You really did a good job.:) Thank you with all my heart.

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