• Hello, LibraLui, i have read your request to tarot-nick where you mentioned that you are a reiki master. Could i ask you to send me some reiki long distance healing? Since the beginning of the year i have been feeling reoccuring pain in the lower part of my back, lumbar part, more to the left. The pain is really nagging and makes it impossible for me to function properly, to do even the simplest activities. Today i didn't go to work because of the pain and inability to walk. Unfortunately i am neither a psychic nor a tarot reader so cannot give you a reading in return, only my positive thoughts.

  • Hi moonalisa,

    I will be so happy to send you reiki!! Please send me your first name and location and when a good time (your time) is when you will be not out and about running around. (It is better for you to be sitting or relaxing or sleeping when I send it)



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  • Hi moonalisa, I will be sending you Reiki around the same time each night (for you)...between 10-2 depending on my schedule. Let me know if you feel any difference or can be honest!! When I give Reiki to my clients, they normally have detox/cleansing symptoms for a few days afterwards, so be aware of that too, just in case.



  • Hi moonalisa,

    Just wanted to give you some feedback....when I was doing your session, I did feel a couple of pretty bad energy blocks, which could be manifesting into your pain. I will continue to work on these but you felt clearer when I will have to let me know how you feel! If you want to see if you feel the Reiki energy as I send it, let me know what time you are laying down before sleep and I will try to arrange to send it while you are relaxed but awake!! (I think you are 8 hours ahead of california, right?)

  • Hi LibraLui,

    Today i am feeling better, i can still feel some discomfort but at least i can walk and do other things without feeling that pain. This part of my body has always been somewhat weaker, i've been aware of that, but what has been happening to it in the last three months is just unbelievable. I started to worry when the attacks of pain became more and more frequent and the pain more unbearable. I've consulted a doctor of course but unfortunately the pain recurs. 😞

    Yeah, i'd like to see if i feel the energy... i'll be in bed at 10pm my time-8 hours ahead of California. Are you in California LibraLui? if you don't mind me asking you a question:)... how long have you been practising reiki healing? has it always been effective?

    You must know LibraLui that i'm really grateful for your help.:)

  • Hi Moonalisa,

    I am glad to hear you are feeling better. There is normally a reason for the weakness in a certain area, could be something from a past life or something that has caused a block in your energy field that has manifested into pain. I will start another session at 2pm California time....yes, I am in the desert area of California (Palm Springs)

    I have always found Reiki to be effective....when I started practicing a few years ago, I was always just amazed when my clients or friends would tell me what they felt and how much better they felt, but now I have just come to accept that it really does work and it has really strengthened my faith and belief in the higher spirit. I have not yet found anyone who has said they didn't get something out of a Reiki session!!

    Let me know if you feel the energy tonight.....I am always a bit anxious and interested in what my long distance clients feel as I am sending it!!



  • After what you have said i am full of hope.:) It would be a nightmare to go through the same every week and be excluded from daily activities for two, three days. Does the number of sessions depend on how serious a patient's problem is? How many sessions, do you think, will i need to have to eliminate the problem completely? Is it at all possible to eliminate it completely?

    I will tell you LibraLui how my body reacted to your healing tomorrow. I am curious myself.:)

    California...:) it must be much warmer there now than in my country. Spring is late this year here. There is still snow outside and the temperatures... don't ask. 🙂 i really miss a bit more sun and warmth.

  • Yes, it depends on the severity of the blocks and how ready you are to release them. I sent Reiki to you today (Wednesday) at 2pm my time....hopefully you were resting and felt the energy coming to you! I will do another session tomorrow at the same time...let me know how you are feeling.

    Yes, it is very, very warm here....I am lucky to live in paradise:)

  • LibraLui, i was lying in bed at 10pm yesterday my time as you advised me, no stressful thoughts:) and waiting for the healing energy from you. i cannot say i was feeling something different, i was expecting some tingling maybe or warmth in the area of my body, but no, no such sensations. However, the pain has lessened considerably. i still need to be very careful, no jumping or wight-lifting for me:) (at least for some time:)), but it no longer is a problem for me to lie down on the bed or get out of it. When i am trying to stand up from a sitting position i still feel a bit insecure as i can feel something is not completely right there but generally i feel much better.:)

  • Hi Moonalisa, Okay, good to know....I will do another session, same time today. It is interesting that you don't feel the energy, but as long as you are feeling better!! We do have the time difference right, don't we?

  • I wouldn't like you to misunderstand me LibraLui.:) You are helping me a lot and i really appreciate it. i couldn't walk, the pain was so unbearable. Now, it's much, much better. Thank you.

    Looking forward to another session, in half an hour.:)

  • It is entirely possible for people to not feel anything during has happened to me when I get it from someone else. You don't have to feel anything in order for it to help, and I am sure it is helping!! I am really enjoying working with you!! I am starting your session in a few minutes....goodnight!! 🙂

  • Hi LibraLui:), i was sitting yesterday when you were sending me the energy and this time i think i did feel it. It wasn't the reaction i expected, more like some light pressure from all around and a kind of 'heavy' head. Did you still feel the energy blocks in me when you were doing last night session?

  • You seem to be a lot more clear than when I first sent the Reiki. I still feel a little bit in your solar plexus chakra (this chakra influences your personal power and self esteem) After each session the energy is flowing freely through you, so it is important to try to keep yourself balanced and open. You can do this by meditation....if you aren't used to meditation, there are many on Utube that are guided and specifically for chakra balancing, releasing anger, etc.

    How is your back feeling today? I am happy to hear you felt the energy as I was sending it....the sensations do vary from person to person!! It is Friday, so I don't know if your schedule is any different for sleeping....and I won't be here at 10pm your time, so let me know your weekend schedule and I will do another session for you! I could do one at 8am my time tomorrow morning if you will be not doing much and you have the time to sit somewhere and receive it:)



  • Solar plexus chakra you say... quite probable. I have been feeling somewhat weak discouraged and listless lately unable to make any changes in my life which i had so much hoped for. i will try to do meditation although i must admit it's something new to me. i'll have to learn it.

    My back is ok 🙂 so much better. This weekend schedule should be the same for me as on weekdays so you can stick to the time already fixed. 8am your time so 4pm my time tomorrow is also perfect with me.:)

    Tell me please LibraLui how long does one session last and what do you do while sending the energy? Are there any special gestures? do you utter any words during the session? what is it like? i guess you need to be very focused...

  • Meditation takes time if you aren't used to it so don't worry if it is hard at first....the more you do, the easier it is to get and stay still. Even spending a few minutes clearing your mind, taking deep breaths, removing all thoughts, will connect you with spirit and allow you to receive what you need. Start with 5 minutes, choose a guided meditation if that helps.

    When I do a Long Distance Reiki session, I do it for 30 minutes. When you are attuned to Reiki energy, you learn the techniques, the symbols to use, and how to channel the energy to your client or intentions. I normally go into meditation and feel the energy flow through me, I feel tingling and warmth in my hands and can feel what is going on with you. That is just the Reiki working....I am just the vessel!! It is very blissful for me and relaxing. It has been very beneficial for me to learn and practice Reiki, it is a very spiritual practice. There really are not any special gestures, if I am with a client in person, I do hover my hands in a sequence of positions over their bodies. I will do a session at 8am tomorrow morning....4pm your time!



  • it's good to hear that practising reiki is so beneficial to you. After all you are working with energy which i imagine could influence your well-being. Let me ask you one more question... how do you feel the block in somebody's chakra?

  • Reiki is a spiritual as well as an intuitive practice....we just "know" the energy is flowing by the change in sensations in our palms and body. (warmth, tingling, lightness) When I feel blocks, I feel the energy to start to slow down, not flow as freely....kind of feels like you are hitting a brick wall in a sense! As I send the energy to the block, it feels like it is breaking up and the energy starts moving again. It is really hard to put into words!! We are all made up of energy....the trick is to learn to tap into it and work with it....our bodies are just the vessels we are using to house our spirits!!

  • all this is very interesting... is positive thinking meditation a universal method to prevent these blocks from being created?

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