Tarot Nick, could you please do a reading for me?

  • Hi! Just wondering if you would have time to do a reading for me....I have read some of your others and love your style! I am wondering about the normal stuff....love life, finances, family, and I just started a new venture and am worried because it hasn't taken off yet!! Also, looking to move in a few weeks....how does that look?

    I really appreciate anything you can help with.....I am a Reiki Master, so if you ever need some Long distance Reiki sent, let me know!!


    Leslie (10-16-56)

  • Hi LibraLuli,

    I'll pick up on your feelings to hopefully help you see it from a different perspective.

    I get you’re feeling a little blah lately

    seems like you have had some anxieties, but things will start to turn

    start to breath...take that deep breath and let it out, renew yourself

    Looks like your going to start some new learning

    Who's the guy, a little bit of a dreamer...he has a decision to make...tell him to think it thru

    I feel luck coming so think happy thoughts...it all starts with a thought to make it happen

    with that things work out, i see it will take a lot of work but worth the effort

    you know how I said it starts with a thought that seems important...indecision and questioning is the opposite of good thought, don't fight yourself, think it, plan it, and do it...

    There is someone who is good at talking and can listen as well... seems to be there for you

    I know you will stop questioning yourself, because I feel you will put a plan into action...feels good

    there is caution in the end, be careful of conflicting ideas, it will lead to fighting or arguments, so it is important to plan it out, try writing it down sometimes seeing it in black and white will help you see a problem before it happens.

    Ever see the movie Pay it forward, pass on that gift you have to someone in need and when I really need something I am sure it will be passed along.

    Hope that helps


  • Funny,

    See that, it already worked!

    I just read the post to moonalisa...I have a big smile...



  • Hi Nick,

    Thanks so much for the reading....as far as the "dreamer guy",,,,not sure, do you see him in the past or present....could be either maybe. Past guy could be thinking of making a decision and coming back? Or present guy could be trying to decide about he and I also.....any thoughts?

    The reading helped confirm what I knew....need more patience and continue keeping the negative thoughts and doubt far, far away!! I meditate daily and try to use positive thoughts to manifest what

    I need....hopefully it will all fall into place soon!!

    Reiki on the way to Moonalisa....love the pay it forward way of living!



  • The guy I feel is more the present one, where it came up is where I usually find your question being asked. Once you put your plan in place I had a good feeling about it. The last card was important too so once you have it going, keep focus. So keep the good vibes going, clear the mind and have fun.


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