Also, a reading please :)

  • I am Leo: July 30, 1973

    He is Gemini: June 3, 1980

    Thank you 🙂

  • This relationship can build character. Although a potentially explosive mix, this combination burns with a bright flame that melts away any dross. But the flame will need to be regulated if you are to avoid burnout. Learn to relax more. Neither of you is likely to hold back in your criticisms of each other, but if this testing of each other's personalities doesn't break you apart, it will strengthen your bond (assuming that there is an equal amount of give-and-take on both sides). The tremendous energy that results will be able to overcome even the most determined opposition. Your friend's verbal and communicative strengths meld powerfully with your wisdom and implementative abilities - he more likely to set up or innovate, and you to see through whatever project or activity you take on together. Should you fall out however, or be set against one another as opponents or rivals, there will be no quarter or concessions given to your former relationship.

    A love affair here will be intense, maybe too intense to last. If the relationship is to continue, the two of you may just have to get married, a kind of relaitonship in which your energies are likely to be more balanced. Friendship here may turn into love, or vice versa, as long as your respect for each other remains intact. Yet a platonic relationship here will be no less strong than a passionate one and ultimatley may prove more satisfying and enduring.

  • You are welcome =)))


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