Astra did I choose the wrong guy?

  • hi!

    I just got off the phone with a friend and she has me thinking, did I choose the wrong guy? T has shown no interest since I spent the night there and this other guy who lives with him has under a long time and recently started to show a whole lot more interest for me than T, K is his first letter, did I choose the wrong guy or is T the one I should hang on to?

  • Dear rockofages,

    What happened to the other dude? Is he taking his vaca now?

    T and K... hmm...

    Hey, wth, let's look at some cards for you...

    I will start a pile of cards for "T" and another pile for "K" and we'll see who looks better for you okay?

    Okay, round 1...

    T gets a 4 of Cups

    K gets a 3 of Wands

    Well... it may not be super exciting, however it IS love with T... or emotional stability... K is path focused. So with him growing path (3) he may reach out and grab you if you seem like you are a part of that path.

    Round 1 goes to T.

    Round 2...

    T Magician, K Judgment

    Again, I get good love vibes from T... there is that same 4 cups in the Magician card, and Magician is a good lover energy, a lot of fun, cheerful, happy, bright, likes to play.

    K on the other hand... much more intense! Serious! He may be a "darker" kind of mysterious guy, You may like that.... mystery... sort of the unknown... Still, the Magician is certainly a lighter card.

    Round 2 to T.

    T2, K0.

    Round 3...

    T Queen Pentacles

    K the Devil

    Oh wow... so... the Queen that is you... so there is something there with T! This K guy... the Devil? He is... up to something... could be fun though... probably would be in secret though...

    So far T seems like the more "moderate" and dependable of the two gentlemen... this K though seems like a dark knight or something.

    I will pull one more card for each....

    T 9 of Wands, K Page of Pentacles

    I think you will be pathing more with T...

    Looking at cards... T seems nice to me... a lot of 4 emotion so that shows foundations trying to develop.

    I hope that helps!

    blessings rockofages...


  • Thanks Astra, I just came from T, I spent the night with him for a 2nd time and we talked alot, and I mean alot, a few kisses but more talk and it was so nice just laying there scratching his back and thighs. However he told me that he has this other girl he´s been hooking up with since this last summer however she has a boyfriend...she is the closest one he has gotten according to himself but he also said he can´t develope any feelings knowing she has some feelings for her boyfriend

    I don´t really know where I have T right now, because I am too scared to develope those feelings I have, and he will be gone for 1 1/2 probably. But when we talk, it´s like we get closer and closer and it feels so right with him you know? Astra, what the hell are we doing seriously? I think I have fallen hard for him but I can´t tell him that knowing he doesn´t feel the same right I said I don´t have exactly those feelings because I can´t say to 100% that I have and that I have fallen for him, however I said I like him alot and that I like him even more for every chat we have.

    Did I ruin things with him tonight or was it a part of our path? I will keep in contact with him and I also said it´s better that he let´s me know when he want´s to hang out because I don´t know how much time he has everyday. Astra, remeber the previous readings you gave? I somewhere recongnize what we do now, that we talk alot and get to know eachother even if it´s laying in bed together so...Gahh help me? I choose T and I have since the beginning, I want him to be the one and it hurts like hell knowing he spends time with that other it kind of feels like I am the only one of us wanting this to become something more

    This is the message I wrote him now after leaving:

    Good morning Sorry I again did not stop until you woke up, but my mom called and told me I must go home to take the dog out, she refused to do so for any reason before she went to work, but thanks for a cozy night, it's always nice to talk with you, I do not know how much time you have on the day of the job and all that, so even if it's last minute and you feel like being hit holler for it is better if you do it that way. To be honest, I think more and more about you for every chat so interest remains on my part and I hope to see you before you go and may have more chats Hug Gabi

    And I will def write letters to him

  • What I really need to know right now is where he and that other girl is and how their path looks and mine and his, because something is really wrong here astra, can you please help? All readings has been so positive but the fact that he has that other girl...I don´t know but I know I will keep in touch with him, because alot can change i 18 months

  • Hi rockofages

    Okay... let's take a look at this other girl and him seem to be heading as compared to the much more preferable in the Universe's eyes I am sure... YOU and him!

    I used a "parallel" Celtic Cross to compare the two paths... so lets see...

    Situation and crossing card -

    HER and HIM: Page (2) of Swords/4 of Swords

    YOU and HIM: Hermit (8S+1W) / 10 of Cups

    Above / below:

    HER and HIM: Knight (4) of Cups / Dayeth (4S + 4P + 1W)

    YOU and HIM: Page (2) of Pentacles / 2 Wands

    Past / Ahead:

    HER and HIM: Tower (Drama) (4S + 2P + 1W) / Knight (4) of Pentacles

    YOU and HIM: Ace (1) of Cups / 9 Wands

    Future environment:

    HER and HIM: 7 Wands

    YOU and HIM: Empress (8P + 1W)

    Outer Influences:

    HER and HIM: 4 Cups

    YOU and HIM: Ace (1) Wands

    Hopes and Dreams:

    HER and HIM: 3 Swords

    YOU and HIM: King (3) Wands


    HER and HIM: King (3) Cups

    YOU and HIM: 8 Pentacles

    I would say on the look of things that there seems to be more emotional things happening with her and him than you and him. Although you have a love beginning back there (Ace) to her "Tower" drama show... so you had something clicking with him at one point, and it was really trying to get started. The other girl probably saw what was happening and ups the ante, turns it on... tower... drama... hey, look at me!

    So that left you stuck while he tries to unravel HER out... good luck on that...

    She has him in a sword land of confusion right now... page and 4 shows that they are trying to communicate after the drama... you and he are at a hermit (isolated) and 10 cups! So that is the Ace Cups all over again. You would really like to get something established with this guy,

    blah blah...

    Ahead.... HER: Knight of Pentacles and YOU: 9 wands

    THat sounds more like he is still in some sort of sluggish pursuit of her, while he is eying you from a distance. Path is good though in this case! You want to see wands between you and him as that shows some real connections and not just play acting and drama....

    It may take him a while to catch on though...

    Future environment:

    HER: 7 wands, a date at the planetarium - nothing happening

    YOU: Empress.. something sweet... something nice.... you hear from him... he makes you feel nice!

    Outer influences:

    HER: 4 Cups - this is like, all of her friends telling her that SHE and HIM are a match made in heaven. Sure. Whatever.

    YOU: ACE of Wands! Ahh... that lovely little Ace Wands is yours and his to share... a 9 wands... and an ace with you and him. Veryyyy.... nice....

    Hopes and Dreams:

    HER: 3 of Swords - uh oh... this is the drama coming back! Look out! She pours it on!

    YOU: King of Wands... oh my look at that... you take his Wands... or he takes yours... more wands though and that is nice!

    Outcome: WHere is all of this heading anyway?

    HER and HIM: King of Cups

    YOU and HIM: 8 of Pentacles

    For her the outcomes is emotional... for you it is tangible.

    I would say... that at present he is embroiled in some dialogue with this girl, there are some communication "issues" and there has been drama for sure...

    You and he had something back in the past ... it was real, You felt it. It went cattywonkers though, and left you in this present Hermit state... and the 10 of cups shows a lot of emotion about it all...

    Al up the side it is wands and pentacles with you and him... that shows a strong PATH and MATERIAL (physical) developments... this relationship with the other female seems to be a little volatile. He may get off on the drama with her... your path and his looks more solid to me (eventually).

    There is a 2 wand under you and him... that is a really strong I WANT TO SHARE MY LIFE PATH with you card. very beautiful. You must really dig him... this other girl though... why is she in the picture? Hmm....

    I hope that blesses you rockofages! I am sure the other lady is nice too, I don't want to make it sound like she is a drama queen I am certain she is sweet in her own way....


  • Thanks Astra 🙂 So mine and T´s path is more stable than his and hers? Just so I understand 😛

    You make me laugh alot Astra 😛 Yeah I am sure she is sweet but hey, she has a bf and she cheats on him on a regular basis??

    I don´t know either but your right that the "relation" between me and T has become less physical and more let´s talk and kiss just a little

    He has to have his back turned against me though but everytime we talk, he reveals more and more.

    Was it Ok that i told him I like you more and more after every converstion we have or would that scare you as a guy?

  • So I read it through once more, there will be more feelings between them and none between us or? Because to me you and the cards seem more positive about me and him than him and her or maybe it´s what I want to see?

    I wished him good luck today in court and he actually said thanks 😛

  • It looked like there was more "effort" to work through something with the other lady and the man in question. The swords at center and the Tower in the past sounded like there was some damage control going on in the relationship... I saw more wands with you and him so it seemed encouraging to me that your paths had some common bond...

    The "feelings" between you and him... Hermit/10 of cups sounded like you two are trying to connect on higher level in love.

    As for you telling a guy you like him, that sounds nice to me! The more the better... from my view anyway.

    Hope that helps!

  • Should I give up on him?

  • Should you "give up" on him?

    Give up... you mean like try to forget him? Make a conscious choice not to ever think about him again? Is that what "give up" means?

    I am trying to understand...

  • Yep like do u think there is even a chance? Give up I mean as trying to become the one he wants to be with after getting back, stay friends but give up on romanticly

  • Hmm, well I am not really all that good at trying to predict things like that rockofages... I think so much is in your hands really. Maybe someone else can step in and try to predict more about him.

    I would say in general you can remain friends with him I see nothing wrong with that, do you? As for a romantic thing developing... well... let's see... I am playing around with this new little 31 card oracle deck (I say oracle, it is simply a bunch of interesting pictures and we can make of it what we will)///

    I drew the "Angels are helping" card!


    I am not sure what that means in your case though except to say that the angels ARE helping you in this situation with that guy. What do you think?

    Also got the "Treehouse" card which is like "up in the air" so I think the angels are helping, although there are still some things up in the air with him....

    Sri I am not more help.... I wish I did have a crystal ball so I could look clearly however I am really not psychic like that... I just like looking at the cards and seeing what they seem to say...

    The fact that angels are involved though... sounds nice!

  • T hanks Astra, I have myself used tarot cards and things actually happened for those people 🙂 But if u look at the readings you have done for me, what would you say then?

    I am not asking for prediction, just what you think.

    He´s actually started to respond to more messages than before after I told him I like him alot, he´s never responded to a message he´s read and then waited a couple of hours, now he responds to like every message on facebook and I asked him if he wanted to come and watch some movies with me at a friends house but he thanked me and said no..maybe I am reading to much into it but I feel as it´s a improvement, maybe he just needed to hear that I do like him and show him I care?

  • Astra, I decided to read through all the readings you´ve done for me, the pillow talk(we always talk when we lay alone in his bedroom) and the physicall development, and the intense conversation and the nothing happening afterwards. it was all true!! it all happened...but the thing that worries me is that he and she has more emotions set between them...

    Anyways his brother just broke it off with the girl he was hooking up with so hopefully T has done the same with the other girl

  • Oh okay, that is interesting! It could be a good sign for you!

    That is cool that you are a reader! I saw where you had a reading you had done for someone that looked pretty amazing. You must like this then. How cool. I have a theory that were it ever possible that a relationship could form where both the lady and the man are both tarot people, then that could be a really great resource in a relationship. That shared practice would make a great place to communicate and share, and laugh!

    What do I think about you and him? I think you two must really have SOME kind of for real chemistry going on, otherwise you wouldn't even be bothering to post like this about it... and he could be feeling "the feelings" also and not as able to process what is happening to him... us guys you know are way behind the curve on that (at least I always felt that way around women).

    So... how do I feel about you two? As bright as the Sun, how is that? I do feel something deeper between you and him... this is not cards this is just me sitting here typing... I feel you two see eye to eye in many ways... he makes you laugh at yourself and you like that. He is bashful at times and you like that. You see stars around each other. You wonder about him and he wonders about you... there are like little white clouds all around the two of you, like marshmallows... and cupids! Ha ha ;...

    There hahahaha.... that is my love vibes about you and him!

    Okay rockofages.... blessings..........

  • Thanks Astra 😛 What did you think about the reading? I need a second opinion from someone who knows tarot in a good way 🙂

  • Astra, I honestly don´t think anything will happen between me and T until after he comes back from his vacation, 18 months is a really long time and he has started to back off from me...I feel as if I am the only one showing I will write a letter a month but nothing more, we will see what happens when he comes back

  • Okay well them I am sure that is for the best... a letter from you every month I can assure you will be the highlight of his month.

    I commented on your reading, I thought you did a great job, I have no other "insights" to add to that or anything. Very nice! I like the way you structured the reading.

    Since you are working with the cards, that places you on a little different path in love matters I think. My sense is that readers should be with readers. A lot of the relationship issues on this forum could be due to that, simply not finding a partner who shares your same outlook. I think a lot of guys are nervous about tarot, god, anything spiritual really, Which is a shame as that makes it all the harder for the lady to find a guy with the sensitivity to match her. That is changing though I believe. Plus more are discovering that same gender relationships are also quite nice. That is another option for you to consider while you try to settle into something nice with a male. Your best friend could be more than friends.

    Here is a little reading for you... 10 card celtic cross

    Setting - Foundations of Earth with emotional development, and a new earth

    Above - Foundations of Earth

    Below - Foundations of love and foundations of path

    Past - Growing thoughts

    Ahead - Emotional fulfillment

    Future environment - Foundations of thinking

    Outer influences - Emotional affirmation with a new earth

    Dreams - Material changes

    Outcome - Emotional crossroads

    Stringing all of this together, I would say something like...

    Your setting has you concerned with your foundations of Earth (4P = physical, home, finances). You are emotionally charged (8C) to begin a new physical pattern in your life. You are thinking a lot about this earthy foundation, a home, a new pattern of the physical life. Subconsciously you believe this to be the will of the Universe and so you are trusting that your path is leading you to a new foundation of home/physical/finances.

    In the past your thoughts have been growing about this desire of yours, and ahead you will find great emotional fulfillment as you pass through this current experience.

    Your future setting has you experiencing great clarity and peace in your thinking.

    The Universe is helping you by balancing your emotional life, and possibly bringing a partner into your life to assist in this new physical pattern of home.

    Your deepest dreams are to see a change in the physical aspects of your life.

    Where you are heading (outcome) is great emotional fulfillment and a choice.

    You are heading toward some major choice that will have a great impact for the better on your physical/home/financial life.

    How does that sound rockofages? Your physical life is due for an overhaul... I wish every blessing possible for you.

    love, astra

    P.S. Your name... rockofages, that is Jesus. Are you a church-going Christian?Just curious where the rockofages comes from.

  • You can see how many times "foundation" came up in your reading, a lot of fours. Which tells me that FOUNDATION is very important for you right now, in physical patterns, (home), in love and in thoughts and path... every area we see 4's in your reading... so you are very much "4 Foundations" in your life 🙂

  • Thanks for the reading Astra 🙂 Yeah I hope so to because I wanna be his friend, just not his gf right now and I think it be stupid of us not being friends because we kissed alot 😛

    Rock of ages comes from the movie Rock of ages, I am a rockerchic kind of but I dress more bohemian 😛 I love rock though 🙂

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