Hi Captain! Would like a reading from you please!

  • Hi Captain,

    How are you? Life has been harsh and stressful for me.. Working on getting through it.. I have a couple questions if you don't mind? Any insight would be apprciated.

    My bf casually brought up this party at his bothers house this upcoming Wed. And he said he wanted me to go... Am not sure? Did he really mean it? It's kinda a big deal in fact I would meet his entire fam then.. So will I end up going with him?

    I met him n his friends for dinner last night and I'm curious to know if what his friends said about my bf were true? It just sounded too good to be true... Basically he told me that my bf cried when he found out that I have the visa prob that I might have to leave the country soon.. And things like, my bf talked bout me in front of his friends all the time.. What u think Captain? In fact, do u see if he will open up to me soon? He's so reserved ;(

    Hope to hear from u soon. Thanks, Captain!

  • Your BF does really want you to meet his family - whether you go or not is up to you, if you can handle it. He is a good sincere guy - he just has trouble putting his feelings into words or expressing emotion in front of you. He feels it is showing weakness if he does, so you need to convince him it is not, that you want him to share himself and his feelings with you. But you will have to do the same, be completely honest with him.

  • Okay... Thx for the insight, Captain. I didn't take it seriously when he asked me last time. Just wondering if I turned him down? I mean .. Will he ask me again to come over before wed?

    And should I believe what his friends said two days ago? All was he just teasing me? Thanks again!

  • And was he planning on proposing at the party on Wednesday?

  • He is serious about you.

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