Would like a reading on a sensitive topic.

  • Hello, im engaged to a man i love with all my heart and soul, however there is one downside to this relationship. Its our sex life. My fiance has a major premature ejaculation issue that has been there since our first time together. he is aware of the issue and has made comments about how it bothers him that he has this problem. he says he is sorry and feels bad about it. however it doesnt change things, so i have resorted to having a life of bad sex. i love him with all my heart so id never leave him over this, but it hurts so much not being able to have great sex with my future husband like i have had with every other man iv been with. I know making love more often would be a good stragedy but right now that would be impossible since he is an over the road truck driver. I would like to know if he has been struggling with this issue his whole adult life? or has this started since being with me? What is causing his issues? is it physical? mental? What? How can we solve a problem if the reason is unknown? please help us solve this mystery! thank you

  • Hi vett,

    I googled PE and found helpful information and treatment.

    One thing I would suggest in the interim is that you two engage in foreplay long enough for you to acquire your fulfillment before engaging in actual intercourse. Taking time to give you pleasure first will provide positive results.Do whatever it takes, even it means introducing methods that are new to both of you. You will both be entering new exciting territory which only enhance the process. Keep in mind that respecting each other and being sensitive to your emotional and physical well being is a priority in the venture.

    This will ensure you are both happy in the final outcome. You would be satisfied that he truly cares enough to make sure your needs were met. He would be satisfied knowing that his partner is satisfied which would build his confidence.

    Take plenty of time to decide if this man is truly ready and committed for marriage, and if you are ready to marry someone who will be frequently absent from the bedroom, if that is in his job description. The relationship is going to take faith , trust, and 110% giving from both of you. Ask yourself if that is the reality you are living as you work through this situation.

    God Bless you,


  • thank-you for your sensitivity and help. 🙂 my fiance has already begun to realize that being an over the road trucker may not be for him. he is bored alone on the road and misses me. but i needed to allow him to try it cause it was important to him. he needed to realize on his own that being gone all the time isnt good for marriage or starting a family. anyway, would you be able to do a reading for me based more on financial situation? right now he is on the road for his previous employer, however they expect him to run illegally and to many hours on road which is dangerous for him. not to mention illegal. but he felt like he needed to do a couple loads for fast money cause things are super tight right now. im almost done with my veterinary technology program YAY! and working in home care currently. but do not make alot in this job. and struggle for 40 hours as well. my fiance was working for a local company recently but it didnt work out for him, he doesnt know what to do, and is frustrated, he wants to do right by me and be able to financially contribute but its so sad seeing him in a job where he isnt happy or being treated right.

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