LivingonaPrayer can you help with a tarot question

  • Good Morning LivingonaPrayer

    I know that you have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to the tarot.

    I was wondering if you could please help me. I pulled three cards and this

    is what I got. There was no general question. I just was trying to see if I under

    stood them.

    Card 1 The Emperor

    Card 2 Ace of Cups

    Card 3 Ace of Wands

    I know they are good cards. That the Emperor is a strong old man could be a boss or an authority firgue. And that both of the Ace's are new beginning. That wands means happening fast.

    But my question is because their is cups & wands water & fire they do not mix.

    So that weaks it. Can you help me with this.

    Now I have another question about the wands & cups. This time the cups was first and it was reversed

    Card 1 Nine of Cups reversed

    Card Knight of Wands

    Queen of Swords

    Because the cups and wands are together again this means it weakens the meaning because fire and water do not mix. One thing I can say I do know that the Knight of Wands is that moving card and that I will be moving it looks like. So can you please tell me what you get from these cards thanks so much livingona Prayer

    Thanks Illona

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