Hope a reading can clear this up...

  • Many years ago, my mother had an incident with one of her nieces. Since then, members of our family have wanted nothing to do with my mother, father, my brother and me. What was said? I have no reason to doubt my mother's account of what happened. But, I get the feeling that her niece lied.

  • Your perception is too simplistic. Your family has always had secrets. It was not just one incident that made the family turn on all of you. There is much more history involved than you know. The disconnect is not all about what the niece said. Loving relationships do not end abruptly like that. Your mother I pick up as a speak up kinda person---she says whats on her mind. She comes from a family hat is under control by a dominating influence--your mom is rebelliouse and free spirited and calls it like she sees it. She was labeled a trouble maker a long time ago. Like I said--her family keeps secrets and is controled by a dominating personality that does not love unconditionaly---she never apologizes and if a loved one questions them they will emotionaly hurt them in a passive agressive way. Your mom also has a bit of a fearless wild side and yes in the past gave family members things to gossip about---the niece thing was just an excuse and it was destined to break apart--your moms attempts to be excepted as who she is. You will eventually hear more that adds up from younger family members. Your mom herself is not sure of the why she is rejected---though she masks it with anger or detachment truth is she has suffered over this rejection. Being herself--true to herself has cost her but really it is a positive thing. You need to let go of this and do not go there----when its time all the info will come to you.

  • Thanks for clearing that up. Yes-it's true. Everyone in that family feels that they have to answer to my Aunt H. (I know she'll never see this, but it's still better to protect her privacy.) My mother has always blamed this incident on why her family has shunned her. But, you're right. If someone were accused of wrongdoing, I would need to hear their side of the story. I knew Aunt H. hated my father because he's pretty honest. He'll just say whatever's on his mind. That doesn't fly on her watch. And my mother is the same way.

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