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  • Hello Shuabby!

    Long time no see.

    I will gladly exchange.

    What is your question?

    Just a general reading of whatever you can pick up for me, would be nice. 🙂

    Thank you!

  • Hello Shuabby how are you? Long time like El says. i was thinking about you the other day and I was about to do a post for you. Hope everything is well with you.

  • I asked the cards what they would like to tell you, Shuabby (hope you don't mind me just asking them).

    Duel + Pitcher + Recharge

    With Lilith as your Goddess card

    It seems like you have doing a lot of fighting? The cards show a lot aggravation.

    You have been trying to be fair, but perhaps you have not been very fair to yourself. Perhaps the fighting is verbal, and you have let what others say get to you.

    It's time for you to get away from that environment. Stand up to them says Lilith.

    In the end, you need some time to yourself. Your nerves probably need some quiet.

    I ask the same to my Healing with the Angels cards:

    New Beginnings + Nature + Trust

    From these cards I get that you may have not been acting like yourself. You need to let go of some fear. A beginning, one that you can not see is on the horizon. It's what is needed say the Angels. What will help you through this transition, or to see what it is you need let go will be nature. You may need to surround yourself with a lot plants and trees. Water, if you'd like, but you need some time refresh yourself. Do not doubt yourself any longer.

  • Hi Shuabby,

    I am most likely a little rusty, but would love to do a reading for you if you would like. Anything specific you would like to ask or just a general look at things?



  • Hi Watergirl,

    Anything in the health area would be good and the career sector too.

    Please send back a question or two so that I can do your reading in return.

    Hope you are doing well dear and glad that you have appeared here today.


  • Sag Girl

    I have been under the weather lately and have been to the doctor to see what is up with such low energy. I will be going in for a cancer screening on Tuesday of next week so please pray with me that the big C does not become a part of my life.

    Please send me your question so I can do a reading for you.


  • EltheMoth

    I do withstand some aggravation and do let what others say get to me at this time. I do stand up for myself and at times it does no good at all with those who just simply have to have it their way. Life is ever changing thank goodness and there is always a lesson to be learned. You are right in what you picked up and I look forward to a transformation soon. Thank you for the reading.

    Please send me your questions , so that I can do a reading for you.


  • I'm sorry to hear that Shuabby. I Will keep you in my prayers andd with faith anything can be over come.Just anything you pick up.

  • Oh, Shuabby...

    I hope it's not that, too.

    But I guess your body is telling you that you need some well-deserved vacation time. Is there any way you can take a short break for a week or two?

    Do you want to ask a more specific question since I just did some quick readings without your question?

    I did another one for you this morning asking them about your health.

    For me they say that you have been neglecting yourself, and only thinking of others. Again, your emotions came up, and it seems there has been a lot of disappointment recently (before this), and that you have been wanting to move and put a stoic mask on, but that it's too much. You have to be honest with yourself, and deal with things head-on. Those people that are too stubborn and aggravate you have to be let go of. Perhaps you do need to tell them what you are feeling.

    Um... I guess my question will be if you see me being successful with my new career path?

    Lots of hugs, light, and love being sent your way, Shuabby!

  • Hi EltheMoth,

    I have been resting like never before, and thank you for the extented reading, again very true in what came up, I have been wanting to move to a more rule area because I want horses to take care of along with more open spaces .

    Here is your reading:

    I laid out five angel cards:

    Reward for your efforts is clearing coming to you because you're a Leader. There has been some delay around this new career move and it had to be so that you can see this as a learning experience. God' love is all around you with this pathway you will be walking. I received that your new business will be successful. I see alot of the color green around you so this stands for healing and money. Should you be leasing a shop or office to work from than please consider painting the walls a lighter green with one wall a kelly green.

    There is also meation of you changing the way you eat to more of a vegetarian style so that you will have greater clairty and stronger manifestation skills. Only say Yes if you really want to in making deceisions for yourself in the next few weeks to come. I feel a dark haired man that may come across as a bit overbearing , but noting you won't be able to handle, as you walk in light.

    Your dwelling came in here and I see a basement that needs to be looked at for leakage and mold. If this is not your dwelling than it may be someone close or perhaps the building your office will be in.

    You are walking away from the old unhealthy situation and will enjoy the new doors that open as a result.

    I feel love around you with someone special and you two will be lifting your glasses here to celabrate.

    Happy Landings for You


  • Hi Saggurl,

    I did a Tea Leaf draw for you:

    What is being shown in this draw is that you will have a big change in your life in the career, job area in a month with effort. You will be successful with hard work. Opportunities are waiting for you to just open your mind and the door to them. You will stand on solid foundation.

    I see some legal papers here concerning work matters and you may feel like this will stop you but it will not this is just temporary and spirit says for you not to back down in regards to what you want.

    There is an arrogant person here that should not be crossed at this time. Just let what they say bounce off and into the universe. Do not get arrogant back with him.

    You have some family wishes coming true here and romance, celebration and party.

    Clairavoyant from me:

    I feel you are a happy person most of the time and like to have fun for balance in your life.

    I hear the name of John around you at this time.

    I see you moving a bit down the line into a house that has a yellow exterior and is one level and sets on a corner lot. Three bedrooms and hard wood floors in some area like the hallway. It is not a new home, yet it is very lovely. I feel like you are independent an even if you are in a partnership, at times you question his sincereity, I do feel that you will try to make this relationship work, and as the changes in your career happen , there may also be a change in relationships of the heart. You will be meeting a lot of new people and one man will stand out from the rest , he has med brown hair and does not appear to me as tall , average height and weight. He is a fire sign and loves life as much as you do. I hear the name of Jerry here and Albert also.

    I see dogs here like a German Shepherd male that is either in your life or will be. What a good protector he will be for you and your home.

    Good to read for you and I always like feedback. lol


  • Thank you for your validation, Shuabby.

    I hope you start to feel better.

    I also wish that you go live in a more comfortable setting. Being in open space (with horses!) sounds wonderful.

    Thank you so much for your reading.

    I had several other people tell me that green is an important color for me this year. I've been seeing it everywhere. More specifically lime or neon green.

    Right now I'm not working, but instead I'm going to university. I changed my major from CJ to Art before the start of this year, and I have never been more happier. You are right that I had to wait. I waited for three years until I could not take it. It's been the best decision I've made thus far.

    Perhaps the dwelling you see is the university? I'm there four days of the week, morning to night. The school's trade color is green too, but all the walls are white. 🙂 I have a ceramics class that we are making a tile mural for. I will color my part green.

    Does the dark haired guy's name by any chance start with an R?

    I have been trying for years to become a vegetarian. This year may be time for me to really take it serious.

    "I feel love around you with someone special and you two will be lifting your glasses here to celabrate."


    Thank you so much, Shuabby!

    Don't hesitate to ask me for a reading, if you ever need one.

    I'm here for you.

    Super light filled hugs for you!


  • Hi EltheMoth

    Thanks for the feedback.

    The answer to: Does the dark haired guy's name by any chance start with an R?

    I got a yes right away.

    I will call on you again in the future. You are a good reader.


  • Thank you, Shuabby.

    You can email me, if you'd like. 🙂

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  • dmick59

    This is the dream that you had right?

    Your old love coming to seek you out in a grocery store tells me that you are wanting and looking for a love in your life that will feed your needs and desires for the rest of your life. Does this mean you will see him again? Perhaps, but I feel like the timing is now for a new love to enter into your life and you want that man to be like your first love was. I do forsee a man coming in around you with dark hair and eyes and he stands tall. He is a handsome man , clean cut and likes the out doors and may even have a business related to the out doors. He is near that is why you had this dream because you are pulling him in to your life.

    Here is my dream for you:

    I got into a car and it looked more like a room and I thought , how will I open a window here, I found one and opened it so I could see out the back. When I started the car it only went backward not forward and I was driving it on a dirt road in a hilly terrain with curves and it was not an easy road to travel. When I woke up I thought that was a strange dream to have.


  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • DMICK59

    OK since this is a real occurance than yes he is interested and faith may take a hand in how the two of you will reintroduce yourselves. There will be something that has changed about him that may leave a question mark in your head. I feel like he may have allowed himself to walk on the wild side of life for awhile and has to clean that residue from his aura and soul.

    Keep the faith and it will lead you to your distiny in a short time with this man.

    Keep in touch and let me know how this turns out.


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