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  • Me: 25-05-90

    him: 08-04-1987

  • Him---he is most secure when in role of protector, big brother. Needs to be a good guy. Has fear of anger or drama. He can disapear a lot in a relationship. Prefers being in control of the emotions and would rather say nothing or put head in sand than create drama. He fits in well anywhere, people like him--as I said he really feeds off of validations and being liked. Must be careful of attracting dependent types or can find himself in situations that hold him back. He often promises more than he really can give so that would be his disapear time. He suffered a great loss in his life that has wounded him deeply. He's hard to figure about money---has two sides--sometimes over generouse then surprisingly too free with his money. He jokes that he was adopted--feels he is the odd one in the family from somewhere else. For his lady admirers hoping to hook him is lots of questions and head scratching. His signals are confusing. I see a heavy gemini influence in his chart that conflicts with his sun sign so he does not read exactly like his sun sign. He is attracted to geminis and they tend to have a intuitive connection yet he is very different and that is confusing. Geminis are more out there with their thoughts and moods and he can be more self censuring---he cares what people think. Geminis mostly have faith in their charmingness and speak up.if their mood is intense and they are not afraid of moodiness--they brush it off--everyday is a new day.

    you---have a bit of natal conflict---gemini yet a taurus influence that prefers stability--security and for things to make sense. Yet you are very much attracted by mystery. That can be very frustrating! If this man were easy to solve and understand part of the attraction would be dimminished. Also, you two tend to want to lead, take care of others. You mirror many qualities in each other. The problem is your different way of comminicating--you ask questions--expect answers that make sense---he dances around almost making a joke of your concerns or just plain disapears. So you either feel peacefuly fun together or butt heads with no give on either side. Mostly, he waits long enough for you to miss the good part and you melt together again but the cycle starts all over and you get resentful. Also, despite the gemini influence of being less jelouse ---geminis tend to have many opposite se x friends and feel no guilt in doing things together--they do not see that as dating,....but you have that Taurus influence that is not so ok with that--again a conflict---you do not want any one dictating who you see yet you have a jelouse streak. You hate that!

  • "He suffered a great loss in his life that has wounded him deeply."

    Will he be able to accept it at some point so can move forward?

  • recommends!

    You are welcome =)))

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