• Here is your reading, as you know I will pick up on what you are feeling so you can see from a different perspective, hopefully helping out.

    your feeling happy

    and there is luck around you

    your feeling good and have a lot of energy, but I'm getting a feeling of snappy for no reason..

    something new is coming

    recently you had some tension and indecision

    i see money or a new job, but it is not going to be long term

    either the new job doesn’t last long or something pops up, be smart with the money...i feel something sucks it up

    Don’t question yourself, you know you are good and can do what ever needs to be done

    again success or luck...feels good

    keep your options open, something new is coming...maybe different that what you are used too

    if you close your mind doubt sets in and the constant questioning...did I do the right thing or did I choice right

    So keep an open mind and think things thru, there is a good feeling around you

    Hope that helps,


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