Hi Astra

  • Hi Astra,

    Would you be a ble to do a reading for me?

    I am a bit torn between two things right now.

    There is this job opportunity I want to try out in the Middle East, however there is this guy at my current place that I have a strong feelinig for. I will say this guy is the first guy I want things to work out well between us, a future maybe?. But on the other hand this job opportunity is something that I always wanted to do and experience.

    I guess I am asking that if you can do a reading to guide me to a direction that will be best for me in the long run?



  • Hi cellisi

    I ran 2 spreads on your question... you can see the cards below.

    I will say looking at both sets... the "guy" path looks better to me.

    A LOT of pentacles ($) also with him, and not that many with the Israel path. So that seems to show unexpected blessing$ with the guy.

    There are some "problematic" cards with the Middle East gig... 5 and 7 swords.... devil... and a lot of path cards, which could be a sign that even though you take the job, you still end up with questions about your path... (10W as outcome).

    And yet... with the guy.. these are all lovely cards! And the Lovers as the Center card!

    Oh cellisi! You must stay there for him! That is love trying to bloom so beautifully!!!!!!!!! (and you still end up with the security and financial needs take care of it seems)

    Please take it with a grain of salt... you do what your heart tells you... not my cards... I will tell you... you can never go wrong chasing love! Eventually anyway... haha....



  • Hi Astra,

    Thank you for doing the reading. I think it does help me out a lot on my decision.

    I am always so grateful of you giving me reading

    I think I am going to stay with the guy path for now. I do have a strong feeling about this person and really hope things will work out the way I want it to be. If not I guess I can continue with my other path.

    I need to stay positive and believe in that good outcome will come my way, Sometimes I can be too negative and over think.

    sorry about me going blah blah blah 🙂



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