Choosing Your Vibration

  • Choosing Your Vibration

    a message from Goddess of Creation channeled by Shelly Dressel

    This channel is very practical for us in our everyday life! As soon as the Goddess started talking, she spoke of our energies and what we emanate to the world. This brought up the energies of awareness while still grounded.

    She paused briefly in the space of our higher selves so we could take time to create how and where we want to communicate. This is becoming much more personalized for where people align with their divinity.

    Once in the All That Is, the Goddess spoke of vibration. She spoke first of the vibration of happiness or joy. Giving people the chance to experience what that is. From there, she asked each person to go to wherever they are in their everyday life. For some, it was quite different. But people could feel the changes in their vibration or the differences.

    She then asked people to open to the awareness of what they ‘think’ they vibrate at vs. what they actually vibrate. For many people, it was an interesting difference. In all cases, people could make actual changes in the energy they emanate, through their conscious choice of how they vibrate. It feels for some as if this may take time, but many people can experience this change quite easily.

    The Goddess gave everyone the chance to see themselves from their perception, then open to see themselves from HER perspective. In almost all cases, there was a significant difference! As people became aware, she encouraged them to open see themselves as she saw them! It opened everyone’s potential to something even more.

    As we worked with the hologram, Lady Gaia came out to speak with us. She talked about the changes taking place and how much more flexible are the energies. Through this communication with her, it opened people to a greater awareness of how to anchor their energies so as to be more available on a daily basis.

    You can make a significant change in your life and this will give you some steps to help you out!


    Nama Sika Venia Benya; I AM the one, I AM the whole

    I greet you beloved family. I reach out to each one of you. I send forth my love, my light. I embrace you with all that I am, seeing you for all that you are. No matter what your perception may be within your life, in this moment be open and accept my awareness of you and allow yourself to accept you as I see you.

    One of the things that I have noticed with humans again and again is that you think you’re unable to accomplish things. You think that maybe someone else has that ability but you do not. You think that there are certain things you would like to have within your life but you’re not good enough, you haven’t been trained enough, there is just something that keeps it apart from you.

    Take in this moment. Take in this breath of my light of my love because I know you can do it. I know you can. I’ve seen you accomplish all that you want to have within your life. Look around some times. It may not be in front of you, it may be to the side, but it is there. Accept with open arms the gifts, the light, the potential of everything that is there for you.

    We just jumped right into it tonight, did we not? I invite you to take in one more deep breath. And this time as you breathe down within yourself allow that breath to flow through you once more anchoring it, send it down into the earth so that you may feel the energies of the earth. And then let all of that back come up within you so that you may then let go your consciousness, let go your awareness and that moves upward into the space of your higher Self. As you arrive here within this space have a sense of looking around. This is directly linked with your human self but it is expanded. It is a lighter space of consciousness. Make this be even something more for you if you so chose.

    As you look around, what do you see? Perhaps some of those things that felt so close but not there. Perhaps you recognize this is the place where you come and seek guidance and information. It is yours. You are here many many many times throughout your day and sleep. I invite you to have a sense of shifting once more. This time allow your energies to move into the space of the Soul plane. Allow yourself to feel this energy. Allow yourself to feel all that is here for you. It doesn’t matter how many people come at anyone given time. It is as if this space is yours alone because you have created a space through your divinity. Open up, receive what that is, accept the energy of what this is.

    You may sense or feel your I AM presence. You may have a sense of it either have coming up within you or walking towards you. As you do so, be open to allow yourself to merge completely with your divinity. As you do so, allow your consciousness to expand even further. As you expand out through your I AM presence, you have a sense, a feeling even more the energies of who you are right now. But the energies of all the multitudes of experiences that you have had is your Soul essence. Allow your consciousness to experience whatever this may be.

    I the Goddess move within amongst all of you. As I do so I reach out to embrace you here within this space. As we do so you will feel yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is. Here is the place of creation. This is where you come time after time. So as to experience yourself as the human that you are, your Self as the divine essence. The All That Is is a pure vibrational energy that is flexible. As if there are waves of energies that flow through here. This dimension continues to shift and expand into the even higher lighter levels of consciousness as all of you continue your own personal evolution.

    But you may look through here, you may step into any experience you have created in here and you may also have a sense of practicing certain things within your life.

    The last time that we were together we spoke of DNA and how DNA is there as a support for your life. Not only is it a support for your physical reality and for the way that you set up potential experiences, it also is a support for the way that you may experience various levels of dimension. I spoke of how certain aspects of the DNA are becoming more available to people that what they have been in the past. That is true. I also spoke of the ways in which you can create ann illumination so that you may receive information or perhaps balance the energies of your DNA. We heard from people saying it is not that easy. We heard from people saying why would one bother and even more responses. In reality why do you bother with anything in your life or upon these journeys? So that you may have an experience that empowers you within your life. At least that is the answer that I put forth for why I so enjoy working with you and working these energies.

    There are always many many way in which you live out your life. For every single thing that you chose to do you have multiple ways in which to execute that. As you consider what you would like to have within your life you always have more than one potential. One of the things that I would dearly love to see people release is that feeling that senses the experience

    that in life you get into a particular mode and it’s either very hard to change or cannot change from there. A belief system like that does not serve you in any way. More particularly the more that people integrate the lighter, finer vibrations into their lives, the more flexible and fluid the energy is around them. That type of fluid energy gives you the opportunity to take decisions and then change it and then change it again and then throw it away completely and start back over again.

    Part of the struggle that I see people getting into comes from the fact that you forget to really listen to what you want to do or want in your life. You may be very clear that THIS is what I want. But if it’s been the same thing for a number of years or months or weeks, whatever it is, if it feels as if it’s not happened for a long time then you have created a shell or experience around it that is showing that it’s not really what you want or you think it must arrive in a particular fashion which is also sticking with an image or sticking with a very specific outcome. If it hasn’t worked, it hasn’t worked.

    Phew, so let’s just breathe out all that energy, let’s let it go, release, release, release. And as you do so feel the breath of fresh air that’s here within this space.

    What makes you happy? You make me smile because when I said that I saw a list of things. So many humans love their list but again let’s take a look at that from a different manner. If you were to go inside of yourself and I invite you to just take a deep breath and feel that breath of movement go all the way down into your heart center and then as if your heart is opening up ask to know that one thing that truly makes you happy. And if it involves that you have to accomplish something to get there, let it go.

    I’m speaking of what makes you happy just being you in this moment. If you take that as your foundation can you accept whatever that was - as your foundation. Or can you accept that to be happier to be joyful it simply is and experience not something that you have to accomplish, not something that you have to prove, not something that you have to deserve. Happiness is a state of being and it’s intrinsic in everyone of you.

    I can see that some of you are very far from happy and I flow the energy of love and awareness into and around you so that it may clear out some of what you hold within and around... phew, let it go, let it go. - If you ask yourself what it is to feel content, what comes to you? If contentment, something you need to work towards, is it something outside that other people are in alignment with but you are not? I have a sense of sending the energy of contentment into each one of you. Everybody emanates a particular vibration and that vibration may change depending on where your focus is, how you feel what you’re doing.

    This is one of the reasons that I wished to speak about happiness and contentment this evening. I invite you to close your eyes for just a moment. And as I say the word happiness, feel it as if it’s a vibration that’s moving through you as if it moves through your consciousness, as if it moves throughout your body and throughout every cell within you, feel the vibration of happiness.

    And now contentment. I flow the energy and the vibration of contentment into and around each one of you so let yourself feel what that is. As if you can feel it in a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual manner. For some of you it may feel a little uncomfortable for others it may feel as if it’s something you were there part of the time. Let us take a moment and we’ll just clear out those specific energies.

    And I invite you to just recognize the vibration that you emanate asking yourself the question, what is the most predominant energy and vibration that I emanate? For some it may be hard to tell, it may be a blend of different things. Take this opportunity and just feel the energies. As you move through your day your thoughts have an impact on your vibration, your emotions have an impact on your vibration, your physical reality, your environment your relationships, your work. We could create a very long list of everything in your life that can have an effect upon you. So that being said, how would it be if you chose for yourself the vibration that you want to emanate for that day. It doesn’t matter about anybody else, it doesn’t matter about your work, the traffic, anything at all, but you chose for yourself and that is the energy you emanate all day long. I wonder how your days would unfold. I cannot imagine that people would wake up in the morning and say to themselves, today I’m going to feel bad, I’m going to drag through the day, feeling angry, bitter and frustrated. And yet if that is what your experience is then there is something inside of you that is making that decision. Let’s go there right now.

    Ask yourself where in your consciousness, unconsciousness, your emotions, your mental body, whatever part of you it is, that’s bringing up those energies, those emotions. And if it is a place inside of you that is angry, frustrated whatever it may be, bring it to the forefront now and then smother it with love, allowing love to just fill up whatever is causing you to feel that way, or be that way or think that way. This is love from you FOR you. And if some of those feelings, emotions, vibrations are ready to shift and flow away let them be gone... phew, phew!

    Some of you may have more, or now it may look different. Ask yourself how is this serving you, why are you choosing this method. Perhaps you’re in a place in your life or in a journey in which you’re seeking the life experiences that come from living in those emotions and those energies. If that’s the case, accept that. So many people may be in that space without an understanding of why they are. If you can accept that you are for whatever the reason it was but you are choosing different ... phew, then you let it go. Some people may need to know the reason, some may not.

    I invite you to have a sense of taking in the energies of choice, allowing those energies of choice to move into you, let it move through every thought, every emotion, every part of you until it goes down into every tiny little cellular level. Choose what makes you feel good. Feeling good is opening up to the pathway that you are seeking. Feeling joyful, feeling happy, excited, any of those emotions are going to nudge you along the way until you are either moving in the direction you would like or enhancing the direction in which you’re already going.

    As if we wash that clean I wish for everyone to come out of those energies that you were just working with . As we come into this space with you let yourself take a look at you and your potentials through my eyes. Yes, that is you. When I look at you I see an individual who has had many different lifetimes upon the earth and out in the universe. I see an individual filled with light and by being filled with that light I see you as filled with divinity. Because you’re in that space of your divinity, you’re in that space of all your many many lifetimes, you have the knowledge to do anything you would like to do. And when you think about doing something different, moving in a new direction, opening up to all the creativity you have inside of you, it’s there. It’s there. I see you doing it, I see you experiencing life in that way. In fact, as I’m looking at you and seeing this potential, it’s as if I see you at a particular level and you see yourself in that same situation at a different level.

    So in other words, I invite everyone of you to recognize that you are more than what you think you are. You can have more than what you think you may. Yes, every single time. Let’s consider abundance. We hear again and again from people asking about abundance. Where is it? When is it gonna come in? What do I have to do? Why don’t I have it? As you look around you in the space of the All That Is there is a magnificent abundance of everything. Howsoever you perceive abundance you can see it’s here. I hear you, I hear you say it’s alway easy in the All That Is.

    So let’s have a sense of looking down at the earth. As I look at the earth and as I see what’s available I see lushness, the lush green, the waterways, the mountains, the trees, the flowers, I see abundance in so many many many many many different ways. Financial is the one everyone always asks about. Indeed, financial abundance is there too. If you were seeking to have more financial abundance than you have right now then embrace the other abundance that is there for you. Embrace the abundance in whatever way is fun, make a joke about it, the abundance of your bills, of whatever. But when abundance is the key word in whatever it is you are creating you will suddenly see changes in the finances also. It may be very slight and subtle, it may be very dramatic.

    You are so much more than the human that you are walking the earth as. The ego energy of the humans has been entrained to keep you small and to keep you less than. Just that ego. You are not just the human. You ARE this immense individual that’s here in this place. It is not I the Goddess, you are YOU. I’m here to facilitate the illumination so that you may see that for yourself.

    So take a deep breath in and breathe down, breathe down that immensity, accept who you are, accept your divinity, accept the choice that you make for yourself every day. With coming into this lifetime there may have been certain experiences that you were seeking to have and you’re having them. But you don’t need to stay there unless you want to. If it helps you to stay there, then do so. But you CAN do something different, you CAN make different choices, you CAN have a new experience. Beloved, beloved, beloved open and experience whatever that is for YOU.

    We spoke at the beginning about what it is to choose the vibration or the energy of joy or contentment. Now after seeing yourself through my eyes and after shifting your perception in such a way, I invite you to go back again. Take a deep breath in allowing yourself to relax for a moment and ask yourself, what is my primary vibration? Is this the vibration that you would consciously choose for yourself? If you want to make an adjustment, then do so. And breathe in one more time, breathing down the energies and allow yourself to accept and emanate the vibration you choose to have.

    I invite everyone to gather together as a group. As you do so we have a sense of coming in and you may see a rising up within the center of this group, it’s a hologram of the earth. As you feel, see, sense this energy of the hologram allow yourself to infuse into it the opportunity that your recognition of yourself as bigger than you are, as having more potentials than you realize to be infused into this hologram. In addition infuse the energy of knowledge, the knowledge that you will recognize what vibration you emanate. And if there is anything else from your divinity that you would like your human self to have send it through into the hologram.

    You may see Gaia coming up from within she reaches out to everyone, she has a short message that she would like to give.

    “Greetings, beloved family, as always I continue to work closely with the Goddess of Creation as we are creating new experiences and new potential for the earth. This year in particular there are more and more energies or vibrations that are being released that I’ve held onto for quite some time. Therefor there are more and more opportunities that are now shifting and coming up to the surface. These have to do with opening the heart center person by person, group by group until the heart center is open on everyone. And I’m talking a conscious opening through the heart. As the Goddess spoke of your abilities and if you find that you have a struggle in your life, consciously reach out to me and move in a different direction so that you may receive what you yourself may receive what you have sent down into the earth and I am sending back out to you. People are manifesting in a different way going forward from here. The more that the crystalline energies are present upon the earth the more that you will have flexibility and greater ease in your life. Reach out to vibrate in alignment with the crystalline energies. I am so very excited about all that is taking place. Remember to ground within the earth. Not only to assist you in your everyday life but also to assist you in integrating the higher lighter vibrations as they come into your potential. I am always available to you. Think of me when you see the trees, the grass, the flowers, the water, the animals, I am but a part of all of that and more. I’m available to you if you so desire. Ansalusia.”

    So you have done all the work and all the creation out here of in the All That Is. So too it is anchored upon the earth. And YOU live within those energies. They are there for you. With that the hologram releases, it flows back down moving through the energies of the new earth, moving through the grid work that makes up all the space of your higher Selves and it goes down until it anchors within the earth. As this hologram anchors it aligns with the crystals that are within the earth that anchor the energies and from there it moves out and comes out of all the various layers and as it does so it comes up within YOU, within your created reality. And so I invite you to take a deep breath in and bring it up so that you can anchor it within yourself all that you send forth. And then everything else plus that through the grass, the water, the trees, everything and it creates a balance.

    I invite you to shift your focus into the All That Is and then allow your consciousness to move, it moves into the space of the Soul plane and you look around. Remember who you are, remember the experiences that you have had, remember the opportunities. And that energy comes with you, it begins to move through coming back down, allow your consciousness to come with you so that once more you are flowing back in and around your physical reality. As you do so, you take in as much of your consciousness as your physical body can do and all the rest of it just flows around you creating a space that anchors all of this that you have shifted and that you have taken in as a new belief or as a new potential.

    I ask you as you anchor, what vibration is most prominent within you. Is this a vibration that you choose? If not, then consider whatever vibration you prefer and breathe it into yourself, let it flow up and down to your physical reality and as it emanates outward from you shift the vibration that you emanate. By that conscious choice, by letting it move through you it aligns with your cellular structure and then moves out. Take a deep breath in and breathe out....

    Alright, beloved family, so as you move through the next couple of weeks, I invite you to take an opportunity to be very conscious of your vibration. Be conscious of the energies that are moving through you at any given time, be conscious of what you choose to vibrate at the beginning of your day. Be conscious of choosing what truly truly resonates within you. Sometimes it’s not about what you THINK you want, it’s about what truly resonates within you. I am ever with you and within you.


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