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  • Ive Been Dealing with alot of changes lately. recently i find myself more and more lonely as the years go by. not in a sense of romance but i really dont have an emotional attachment the way normal people do. all my life ive never really had a place to emotionally and mentally be free. what im really asking is will i find happiness somewhere within myself or a place to call mine. im talking in a emotional bond with someone with complete trust and understanding with someone else or within myself . thanx alot astra

  • Hi sammysocutehuh91,

    I am taking a break from painting... wanted to reply. I think it is a deeper love path or something between you and our Maker... or makers... however that is for you? I must be on a similar journey... lonely? I would have to say yes... for me it meant artistic meanderingness if that is a word haha...

    However... as long as that is the case... how wonderful... that means that sooner or later we find someone on a very similar path... then we fall in love because it is like meeting yourself. Like twin flames perhaps?

    "...all of my life, I've never really had a place to be emotionally and mentally free. "

    I think it could be finding that someone for you? Then you would be able to relax at last in their arms. Because you know you are both on the same "sky love" connection? That sort of idea maybe...

    Sky love. I like that... keeps our eyes up in the clouds, where they belong!

    "...what I'm really asking is, will i find happiness somewhere... within myself... or a place to call mine? I'm talking in a emotional bond with someone... with complete trust and understanding... with someone else, or within myself?"

    Happiness is always there I guess. We sometimes find ourselves in situations that try us... deep down the happiness is still there... submerged maybe.

    I can look at some cards and we can see what shoes... Moon card... emotion.... mystery maybe.

    3 of Swords... that can be some deep painful sort of search for meaning in life... 3 energy is always trying, longing to reach the 4 which is stable.

    Then a King of Swords, sorta turned, so it looks like the 3 swords. Yes... this really seems to be showing a man to me? What do you think? I am sure a person who will understand where you... and with whom you can relax and be yourself.

    blessings... did that help? I will be wishing nice things for you in general! 🙂


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