Astra I need your help please

  • Astra how are you? I wanted to see f you can answer me a few questions for me please.

    I want to know if I will receive the child support money soon?

    Does he want to be in his daughters life?

    Thank you

  • Hi SagittariusGurl

    Okay, well let me say up front that I have no clue as to how dependable this Tarot is, okay? People ask questions, and I have tried to "see" what seems to be happening... ultimately I am clueless as to whether there is anything substantive to any of this...


    I am happy to simply draw a card and share what that card's energy says to me... and YOU can decide how that answers your question. I am not in a position to give you a "yes or no" to questions only YOU can do that.

    So... your first question:

    "I want to know if I will receive the child support money soon?"

    I drew the Queen of Pentacles.

    The Queen of Pentacles is a very strong, foundational card of physical things, money, finances, home related concerns. The Queen is seated and in a place of having her needs met (as Queens always get what they want unless they are about to be dethroned haha).

    This Queen you will notice is also showing 4 stars, which is the number of foundations and everything established, solid, dependable and "square".

    Your next question:

    "Does he want to be in his daughters life?"

    I drew the 8 of Swords.

    Swords can be problematic. I tend to see swords as evidence of thoughts, thinking about something, trying to decide something, trying to solve problems using our brain. That is swords. Also words, communication, swords have to do with communicating what we think as well (this is just my own personal theories okay?)

    So.. the 8 is a very expansive, thinking energy and so that would tend to say that there is a LOT of thought being given to something... so in this case you could say that there is certainly a lot of "thought" being given to the matter. As to where that goes, a "yes or no" only you can decide that.

    Blessings to you SagittariusGurl/// I will pray that this will all work out for you.

    I hope that helps in some way...


  • Oh to answer your question, I am fine thank you for asking! I hope you are well too! 🙂

  • Thank you i got more confuse than ever with that. Just whatever happens with him would be something good for my daughter.

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