Hello Astra, just wanted to say hi!

  • Hi there Astra,

    How have you been? I just wanted to thank you for your readings and your help in the past. You have helped me a lot. Your readings have sparked a lot of soul searching and have helped me lots!. I am doing well, just very present and that is a VERY good thing. I am counting my blessings which are many...

    I am living my life fully. I am about to embark on something which is getting me closer to my purpose. The one thing I need to do again is make time for art because I must make it. There is no avoiding that. It is part of who I am.

    I am not worried about relationships, not now anyway. All is well, peace is a very good thing.

    I hope the helis are flying high and you are in good spirits. Let me know when you put some of the alien drawings in the shop. I mean it!


  • Oh hi mardepp!

    Nice to hear from you and that is wonderful to hear you are in a good place right now! Yay for you!

    I seem to be focusing more on art now, trying to just keep at it.... I have really had to sort a lot of that out ... I think the work brings you closer and closer to accepting ourselves, and sometimes that (for some reason!) can be hard to do - accept ourselves for who we are... all of us, the good, the not so good, the weird, the wonderful!

    So, I am proud of you for pursuing that creative path mardepp, that shows so much love for best and prettiest of life... good for you, I salute you in that...

    I will get some of those drawings out there! I have not been too clear on what they are exactly, however they different anyway haha! Not sure how much alien communication is going on... 🙂

    Thanks for writing!


  • I do have bouts where I feel very frustrated however I seem to keep picking myself up by the grace of heaven... what can I say, I guess it is just the way life is, somehow it all works together though!

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