Hi Captain!!

  • I wanted to let you kmow that my surgery was a succesd. I cant believe how fast I recovered and how quick it was. Now i just need my liver enzymes to go back to normal. i am talking herbs and i will try that before a biopsy since my dr doesnt think its serious. i know you said it will be an easy fix and my drs are being cautious for testing. that is a big relief. i will fly in a month or so after i heal. gonna build my flight time and apply to airlines. wife and i are doing best ever did so perhaps this happened ton bring us closer. what do you see?

    so how have you been? were you writing a book? i though i remember you saying that.

  • I am focusing on healing people at the moment. I feel that is my greatest 'work'.

    Good to hear you are doing well - I hate to say it but "I told you so!" 🙂

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