Caught In-Between

  • I need help. I met a gentleman who I am truly equl with. He and I make a great team. Everything I have researched says DO IT, but I'm hesitant. Why I don't really know. Then on the other hand I do want to give it a try. I have tried to end this relationshiip, but for some odd reason it is a great challenge. I have been unsuccessful. He's a Pisces and I am an Aquarius Everything I have researched indicates how good we are for each other. What do I do? He's getting a divorce and I am divorced. I am older than he and he was married to an older woman. The age doesn't bother us, we just get along so well that it's scary. On the other hand, an ex-lover has resurfaced and 3 years ago he asked me to marry him. We have years of history, about 12, but I was ending my arriage at that time and he really helped me work through that difficult time. We are best friends and I'm not sure about him at this time. He was going through a rough divorce and really we helped each other. He's a great person too. I believe that I am settling for the comfort of our friendship and love him unnconditionally. He's a Taurus and he can be difficult at times. Help me pleaseee.

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