Libra Man and Gemini Woman Potential Relationship?

  • My Birthday is October 20, 1977. Could I have a Reading please regarding a potential relationship with a Coworker. Right now I have a Huge Connection with Darci who works as a Dieterian - Born on May 29, 1984.

    Darci is a very Fascinating Person and I sure Darci feels the same way about me?

    I plan on asking Darci out for Coffee?

  • If things are going well with him, why not get to know him as a friend and let him ask you out when he is ready? I would get to know him in your everyday interaction at work and if there are sparks on his side too I promise you, HE will ask you out!!

  • @ Mardepp

    Sheppard is the male Libra in this. He was wondering if there is a potential relationship with a lady.

    @ Sheppard

    You are both air sign and fluctuates in feelings greatly. I see no harm in coffee. Let your gut guide you in this. Even though workplace is not always the best place to have an ongoing romance. See how you tackle that.

    I hope someone else give you a reading.


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