Angela Peregoff: Change Is Occurring Everywhere

  • Angela Peregoff: Change Is Occurring Everywhere

    Have you noticed that change is occurring everywhere? Certainly we can say that this is a time of great chaos as old paradigms and societies fall and new order begins to flow from purified debris. We are living at what surely is the most pivotal moment of human history, a time of unrivaled potential change.

    We must not, therefore, glance carelessly at or ignore completely the ingredients that have gathered together to form this moment in time as they are forming us. In noting these ingredients and in appreciating their impact and power, we can appreciate all the more why ordinary thinking is now inadequate as a resource for decision-making and processing the demands of our individual lives.

    People are seeing through the conditioned illusion that steers them away from greater Self-reliance and personal empowerment. The great transformation of consciousness that was set into motion within the minds, and through the visions of those souls ready to heal the pain and separation stored within the human experience has now blanketed our current timeline.

    An understanding has rooted in this time; a consensus has generated a forward propulsion into a wondrous life experience that offers joy, safety, and harmony as the attributes that unfold us into our pure potential. A living pulse (in wave form) of spiritualized organization and order comes to us in the month of March causing our Soul roots to sink deeper and anchor even more favorable probabilities for the awakening of the mind within mankind.

    What that can mean is that as each comes into synchronization with the newest cosmic pulse perceptions become more enhanced, and many things will become much more apparent thus, letting go of old beliefs will be experienced as a freeing endeavor! Assisting each of us the heart of the Higher Self descends to make Its presence ever more noticeable to those open to receiving. Gaining insights about the how’s and why’s of situations and experiences we find ourselves attracting are no longer hard-to-decipher mysteries.

    By month’s end it is s-o-o-o much easier to ferret out long buried patterns and beliefs that hide like secrets and to get to the root of childhood or family problems. This is the time period for in-depth explorations and not skimming the surface or being content with superficial awareness. We are now spiritual entrepreneurs with a savvy understanding of the way things really come together on the highest, and lowest, performance levels to form reality.

    As with most forces that push us past our capacity to change don’t worry if anxiety and nervous tension seem to be tagging along in your life like a shadowy nemesis that just won’t relinquish its control, you are just grappling with a mutating mis-creation in your psychic atmosphere. As the latest celestial dynamic congeals in 3D it appears to amplify those areas in our psyche that are dying to the Light. The brooding energies dispense what influence they can in an effort to engage you and perhaps resurrect their properties to a working manner once again in your life style.

    Remember, the fruits of embodiment, fullness, wisdom, and compassion do not come without a price. Spiritual dedication gives us no immunity from the difficulties of doubt, confusion, and chaos. Every spiritual master faces the complexities and vulnerabilities of being in human form. Every part of life is a fertile field for awakening to compassion and awareness in this human realm. The art and beauty of this time is to stay dedicated to the practice of opening to the Soul’s connection with life.

    On the positive front, to help skillfully fashion us as “energy beings” rather than “matter beings” we will now be testing the new multisensory “trusting” that is based on an interior assurance rather than a mental process derived from discerning external probabilities. There are many levels and sub-levels of multi-sensory existence and we are just beginning to operate as a culture that is primarily multisensory. Up to now we have commonly acted as a five-sensory being that depended on external information to guide and expand us.

    As of late though we have discovered that we can tap into an internal environment that is rich with guidance and information. How did we miss all this activity that was operating just below the surface? How come no one told us that in the midst of madness, drenched by noise, and deafened by the endless distractions of the sensory world was a stillpoint that held the wisdom of the Soul?

    Well, my friends many did, but you were taught that your five senses were in charge of your reality. We have known we were alive and in charge of our lives because we could see, hear, touch, move, control. pick up a phone, hold on to a laptop as if it were a life preserver, speak to another person, get reports on this and that, sell this, buy that, be with this person or that person , etc., etc., etc.. We stayed in this illusion until we recently discovered that our five senses cannot see the real changes that are happening within – changes we must cooperate with in order to resonate as Wholeness.

    And so we are now ready to detach from only using one gateway of sensory perception. We have matured and are able to honor the wisdom that grows from inside us as well as respect the symbology that dances before us in the physical world. This new trusting isn’t ordinary and it isn’t forced, rather it spirals up from the power of your faith to meet it. It lives in stillness, breathes in reflection, and moves within the mandala of heart intelligence.

    This new kind of trusting is essential to the well-being of so many here at this time. Many have lost their trust in themselves and this lack of trust has debilitated them from moving forward. With heightened internal sensing all can begin to choose wisely, recognizing and acknowledging every feeling and sensation of their innate built-in radar. Don’t forget to use March to channel this new energy accurately and successfully into the stream of your daily activities.

    No times more than these have ever called for a devotion to the practice of introspection as a way to keep your own inner balance, to maintain the health of not just your body, but also your conscience, your integrity, your decision-making process; in short, the whole of your interior self. In the midst of this phenomenal shift to multisensory and multidimensional living that affects your body, your mind, and your psyche continually you and I are going to have to discover the zillion channels of information that now function at a multi-sensory level.

    Connecting to or awakening our perceptual system to the more sophisticated body/mind/emotion/spirit template becomes a functioning apparatus of necessity if you are to remain centered and empowered when it seems that the world around you is caught up in a maelstrom of drama and chaos.

    We have never been better equipped to refine the complicated process of “evolution”. What is occurring at every level of existence is Divinity rebirthing Itself into a bounty of interconnectedness. That’s the truth and if you can improve the activity of each moment as a co-creator through this sojourn then you will earn the ability to access the highest planes of awareness while continually incorporating more and more of your fragmented God-Self which you left scattered throughout this universe as you wove your way deeper and deeper into the lower-dimensional worlds and vast array of experiences, both positive and negative.

    Sitting in the deep freedom of Spirit with an unquenchable thirst for adventure,

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