• About a year ago I started to have colourful Zig-Zag auras, I was concerned and had my eyes tested

    and the results where .. NO PROBLEM WITH MY VISION, I had some anxiety about other issues which required some pulling away from others. I did that and felt much better. I was still experiencing the beautiful auras,they where around me for several minutes 3 to 4 times a month and still are.

    And then about a month ago I was sitting quietly in my living it was dark and suddenly I started to be surrounded by ORBS, to the left of me they where black with a bit of yellow on the outer part probably 20 or so,, in front of me they where red and again about 15 or so and to the right there was ONE large blue with a golden aura around it . I was not frightened at all, I decided to get up and I put my hand out and put the largest red one in my hand and went about 5 feet into my kitchen I seperated my fingers and was amazed at it still being there..... and it not changing it,s shape , It stayed with me. I went back to the room and they where still all there .. I sat down and pushed the blacks away and they started to disinagrate and fade away along with the reds .. but for about 20 seconds I was surrounded by beautiful BLUE ONES with an aura all around their edge.

    I hope you believe me as.... I Feel so good about it..... and I WONDER IF ANYONE KNOWS WHAT IT COULD ALL MEAN. There,s few people who would understand... I told one of my sons and he suggested I try and PAINT IT on a canvas. Any comments would be appreciated.

  • Hi leinida,

    I am no expert...but here are a couple of thoughts from the limited information I've learned...

    ...if you had your eyes checked, and they were fine...

    then it may be that you have developed the ability to discern persons or other dimensional creatures in spirit form

    black or dark forms have no light...so I would keep them at a respectful distance, not giving them permission to come close to you...but always keep your heart and mind open to your angelic protectors, asking them to keep guard over you.

    Have you experienced spiritual communication on any level prior to this? Have you been practicing opening your third eye, or other meditations to advance psychically?

    The idea of painting them is an excellent one.

    be safe,


  • Hello Leinida

    I went to an aura reader once and you are describing what she saw. She was a native american and she would Paint or draw with chalk what she saw and then give a reading to the person my reading had a lot of orange and reds in the drawing and she told me I have problems with my gall bladded and she was correct the doc has me taking fish oil tablets twice a day to keep it from acting up

    Maybe you are giving a new calling to help people and your son is right get some paper and draw what you see in the orbs and auras

  • Thank you both for your comments and advise ,,,,,,, and yes I had an experience over a year ago where by....' I lit a candle that was bought for me while I was on a visit in ST.MALO FRANCE..... I t was a candle from a very old church named after ARC ANGEL MICHEL . I had only heard 3 maybe 4 times from a very special person who was a part of my life since he was born. He moved away 14 yrs ago and I missed him dearly. SO WITH LIT CANDLE AND MANY PRAYERS TO MICHEL I ASKED TO HEAR FROM THIS PERSON ,, It had been 3yrs since I heard so I thought if anything comes of this I certainly was prepared to wait months. WELL the very next morning I came to my computer and there it was a letter in my mailbox from this very special person I HAD GOOSE BUMPS EVERYWHERE AND I WAS EXTREMELY DELIGHTED, Since then I have had AURA,S and the night with ORBS, and a 5 day visit from him., I feel so blessed and it has kept me feeling like there is a SPIRITUAL PRESENCE AROUND ME AT TIMES. THERE IS NOTHING SPECIAL ABOUT ME,, I AM AN ORDINARY SENIOR,,,JUST VERY THANKFUL FOR AWARENESS AND THE SIMPLE THINGS IN LIFE .

  • Good morning,............ I would love to hear from Poetic or Bloom , or Captain about these experiences that are happening to me & of course anyone who has knowledge of these experiences or has also had them, Thank you

  • I am still hoping to hear from anyone who may have knowledge of some of these experiences.

  • Hi Leinida, I loved hearing about your experiences. I am an orb lover as well. I've been reading about them and I also try to relate to them in my own way. I have my own theory's about them that may or may not relate to other people. I think they may be the dispersed energy of people which have passed over and could also be energy left by the living, kind of like an imprint. I 'm sure I will continue to see them and I will be facinated by their unknown origin.

  • 🙂

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