Are Libra and Capricorn a good match?

  • I'm a libra 10-14-83 and he is a Capricorn 1-7-84

  • In a relationship of any kind here, neither of you will always be able to tolerate the other person's need to go off alone for a while. Neither of you is overly hungry for attention, but there is a limit to the degree to which you can take your relationship for granted - a time will come when you will have to give it some serious input. Both of you would have to make the effort to break your busy schedules (you with social activities and him with his work) and make time for shared vacations, hobbies and entertainment. It is likely though that this guy will be too heavy and serious for you. You are both strong, confident and ambitious individuals but together the relationship will intensify these tendencies and blow up your egos out of all proportion. Thus this is not recommended for anything but a working relationship.

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