I need some help, anyone please?

  • I need help! My marriage seems about to end. I am very upset and need some insight.

    I love him and wish for happiness, but unfortunately I feel that it is all in vain, and I am giving up daily.


    Me, 8 7 85

    Him, 6 7 79

  • I posted your reading on my thread. If you have a question, I'll be happy to respond.

  • Yes thank you you are so gifted!!!! Yes either I or my mate are presenting themselves as victims, I am too close to know who it is.... I think that I have my head on straight and can trust myself though.... And when he behaves dramatic and like a victim i feel suffocated, I expect more from him, to have his self respect. Yes, I am in complete turmoil, and I have put my relationship on hold because I am not happy. He is also sad that I want to go. U say time to make a decision, but I try to make my decision (I told him I am not happy and wanting to go) and he clings to me, begging me, crying so much, making me feel guilty and more suffocated, the situation just gets so difficult!! :(( I know that he loves me but I expect him to behave like a man, then maybe we wouldn't have these issues originally. His mom is around also, and she says I am being stubborn and immature, but she also had to deal with abuse in her marriage. I think I have some fear of parting, but not as much as he. I don't give a da mn about money, so that must be him. I don't know the name monica yet but I am doing interviews as well as going to marriage counseling and i have a feeling that it may be someone I can meet soon.

    U say make my move, but HOWWWWWW :(( We started marriage counseling. I hope it's the right avenue.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING YOUR TALENT you have given me some confidence back ❤ this is so hard not knowing which way to go, all my chakras are blocked.....

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