The Penny Drops: What If?

  • The Penny Drops: What If?

    Posted by Steve Beckow on March 6, 2013

    I had a very impactful dream on Tuesday that I’m still struggling to make full sense of and assimilate. I awoke remembering that I had been contemplating a large number of social trends and variables. The object seemed to be to sit with them until the penny dropped.

    I saw that governments were playing less and less of a leading role in people’s lives. I saw the old economy falling apart.

    I saw more and more people feeling a sense of release from bondage. But at the same time they were also feeling poor, aggrieved, irritated, and confused.

    The penny dropped so to speak when I realized, “Oh my gosh, it isn’t the case that lightworkers will need to be ‘on’ some weeks or months down the road. The time to be ‘on’ is now.”

    I’ve had a few hours to settle down but when I first awoke I was startled and disturbed. I flashed on several things I had going on in my life that were no longer supportable – relationships that were out that needed to be put back in, loose ways of speaking that now had to go, busy things I did with my time that needed to be dropped.

    In every way I saw that I had to make my life, relationships, and work more conscious.

    It isn’t as if our sources have not been telling us this. They have. Here are Tazjima’s sources, for instance:

    “As the people begin to awaken, initially they may be angry, even as some of you the lightworkers are still angry, directing your thoughts towards what you see as negative in your world.” (1)

    “As more people awaken, … lightworkers will find themselves more in demand, as people begin to question everything about their lives.

    “ Just being a calm presence will assist these new seekers to discover more about themselves. People are more sensitive to vibration and thought than is presently realized. Your calm presence will assist greatly and people will respond by relaxing in your presence.” (2)

    What Ashtar said about Disclosure will apply, I think, to more than just that event:

    “The outside events which we have referred to … show humanity that Disclosure is here are on your door step and will happen very shortly. And by this, we mean ‘soon’ in your language.

    “Prepare yourselves because when this happens the work of our ground forces, which you all form a part of, goes off like a rocket. You will have to stand by your sister’s and brother’s side and give them a helping hand to get used to this new reality– which is, in fact, the only reality which exists.” (3)

    Yes: goes off like a rocket. That was some of what I was seeing.

    Although I didn’t read her till much later in the day, Jennifer Hoffman also said:

    “The door to truth will begin to open this month and it is probably not going to be very pretty. Many people will be angry, scared, confused and bewildered when they learn of how shaky the foundations on which they have based their own truths are.” (4)

    As this truth emerges, there are still some dark individuals who are causing chaos – or should I say stirring the pot? It’s certainly not the havoc that we had to suffer through in former times, from man-made hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis. But it does jangle us nonetheless. Archangel Michael explained that “the disruption is [from] those who have not [been put in containment] and we are talking rather low levels, actually, so do not look for massive conspiracies.” (5) But these smaller-than-false-flag incidents (like shootings) still jangle and disturb us.

    So the truth is emerging and some lower-level people continue the havoc that so plagued us up till now.

    What I saw in my dream was the potential for mayhem from this combination – failing governments, a disintegrating economy, the truth being revealed, enough havoc to stir the pot, and the people experiencing increasing freedom.

    It appeared to me to be a potentially flammable mixture and it may be up to us lightworkers to keep the social temperature down until the new governments are appointed, prosperity arrives, Disclosure occurs, and all the other stabilizing factors and forces are put in place.

    I say “us” because people reading this blog, or any blog of a similar stripe, are aware of what’s happening in society, are lightworkers and most probably starseeds, and are vitally interested in and involved with the topics we examine. We’re the ones who signed up for this time and the duty of holding society together through what could be acute social pressure just may fall to us.

    What happened for me this morning was that the magnitude of the task hit me and its impact sobered me. I’m not trying to raise our own temperature, but I am saying I saw the need to be a lot more observant of trends,

    I told myself that the Company of Heaven had all the resources to manage what develops. But could I absolutely rely on that? What if there were some hidden codicil to some universal law that said the galactics could not intervene in exactly the situation that arises? Could I absolutely afford to go to sleep on what could turn out to be our role in matters coming down the pike? I didn’t feel I could.

    A lot of things that existed only on the periphery of my attention assumed increased importance. For instance, when I first awoke today, the rush of ideas nearly knocked me off my feet.

    I saw that I could easily become overwhelmed, especially if I busied myself too much. And I also saw that if I allowed myself to be totally open to all the waves of energy and concerns that could arise from the collective in the time ahead I risked losing my balance – or worse.

    I saw that I was responsible for doing whatever I needed to to remain centered, balanced, grounded, and response-able. I have no intention of failing in my duty because I chose to remain unconscious, dramatic or imprudent. I feel a sense of seriousness that was not there even yesterday and a determination to be prepared for any wave of anxiety that hits us (if it does) from an awakening world.

    I communicated what I saw to some of my colleagues and then set about battening the hatches and trimming the sails. It’s not as if I know what’s coming down the pike because I don’t. But my intuition tells me that the time that we’ve been talking about, the time when lightworkers perform the part they came here for, is quite conceivably not in some vague and future time, but is actually here now – or, at the outside, very soon.


  • Sometimes it is actually what you FEEL,,, NOT..... what you KNOW that tells you.

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