The Energies of March 2013

  • The Energies of March 2013

    a message from Jennifer Hoffman

    Any month that starts out with the Catholic Pope’s retirement, hospitalization of the Queen of England, and the US government in sequester promises to be interesting. That has happened in the first three days of March and it’s going to be a long month. In January we adapted to the post-2012 energies, tired and a little disillusioned and disappointed. In February we discovered all of the blocks that have limited us, including our soul wounds, karmic cycles, partners, beliefs and distractions. It was a tough month as we processed one thing after another. And now we have March and it will definitely be a mixed bag of madness and mayhem with a lot of truth, insights and validation. We also have the year’s most powerful date in March, the 22nd, which heralds the end of 3D (as in the energy supporting 3D will be over).

    For a month now I have been writing that the March 22 Equinox is the end of 3D, which means that it’s the end of 3D polarity and separation. We will still be in the third dimension, but with easier access to multiple dimensions and portals. The veils are gone, now we can see and be it all, with no restrictions other than those we impose on ourselves. The pope and the Queen of England represent the masculine and feminine polarity of 3D, respectively. And prior to being hospitalized, it was reported that QE2 is being audited by the British government, who are thinking of removing her from the national budget. Considering that the British empire is an extension of the Roman Empire (Londinium, now London, was a major Roman capital), and the Queen owns 1/6 of the world’s land (yes, it’s true) while the pope owns a little less (between the two they own nearly half of the land in the world), the implications are enormous. And popes don’t resign; the last one happened over 600 years ago. There are no accidents, especially not now.

    In the 2013 Predictions, which you can read here, I wrote that 2013 was the year of Divine Power and Truth. The door to truth will begin to open this month and it is probably not going to be very pretty. Many people will be angry, scared, confused and bewildered when they learn of how shaky the foundations on which they have based their own truths are. 3D will not unfold quietly, like a lotus flower closing, it is collapsing on itself, under the weight of the greed, power, domination and control that have sustained it for eons. There is no more energy to empower this paradigm so it’s going away. As it falls, we must be ready with our new paradigms of self empowerment, intentions for a world built on a foundation of connection (and thus equality), love, peace and joy and our own alignment with this as our personal paradigm. This is a great month to start that because the 3D paradigm collapse is gaining momentum every day, please don’t get into the fear, as everything is always in divine order.

    March is the month to integrate with our Divine Power but we have to tread very carefully here. The old models of power were built on the principles of ‘power over’ or ‘taking power from’ someone or something. The 3D power paradigm is a ‘power vampire’ that feeds off of the others’ power. Divine power is an ascended concept that arises from within, is empowered through our Source connection, and is the expression of our God light. It cannot exist without our Source connection and is expanded within a balance of giving and receiving. We can’t take it away from someone else or have it taken away from us. If we don’t use it, it stays dormant until we are ready for it.

    But we can’t trade one despot for another. Divine power doesn’t take care of us, it sustains us. It doesn’t feed us in exchange for the promise of our power, it nourishes us when we feed ourselves through our own self empowerment. It will bless us with unconditional love but it won’t stop us from hurting ourselves, if that is what we choose to do. Divine Power isn’t going to rush in and take care of the ‘bad’ guys, but it will support our intention for joy, abundance, love and peace in the world, all of which will further assist in the collapse of the 3D paradigm.

    In March we will get a big dose of truth, which may be bitter medicine at times, both personally and globally, and we will have opportunities to try out our Divine Power. As the 3D paradigm collapses, it is our collective intention for what we want to see and be in the world that will assist in a more orderly transition from ‘old’ world to the new. Avoid focusing on the negative because we can realize negativity only when we’re observing it from a different plane. It’s a reason for celebration, not tears or fear. We’re also gearing up for the next Uranus Pluto square in May which is going to be empowered this month with a stellium in Aries (all of you Aries be ready for some action). We’ve spent the last two months in our dark spiritual cellars, now we can come charging out with new intentions, new possibilities and new energy to take empowered action.

    The Equinox on March 22nd is one of the most powerful days of the year and officially marks the end of 3D which may or may not happen with a big bang, just pay attention

    to what goes on around you and respond, rather than react, be detached and remember that the most important things in your life, your Source of power, can never be taken away from you. Be loving towards yourselves and to help you with this month’s energies, I’m sharing my favorite empowering affirmation with you, a gift from Archangel Uriel:

    I am divinely guided, connected, secure and protected in all ways and in all things.

    Have a wonderful month.

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