Good Time to Begin?

  • Hello Everyone!

    I'm back after a really LONG TIME..with a new question of life..

    I'm 27th July,1992 born at 9:15p.m..I have been through quite a few failed relations..Something or the other went wrong every time..It's been 5months or so that I came to know a guy whom I like and he said that in due course of time,he started loving me..And honestly I DO feel his love around me..

    Now,Captain,I really want to know is it a good time for me to begin a relationship and something which I want to keep life-long??

    I' sorry,I don't have his exact date of birth for some reasons..But can you say something about this relation based on my date of birth only?

    Can you PLEASE help me!

  • recommends!

    You are welcome =)))

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