Hey astra, what i can expect in next four mnoths?

  • So new semester has begun, and it's seems harder then previous one im worried about that, and about that guy idk what to say we are now seeing eachother again everyday cause same college. I dont know what to think or feel, i dont feel like he really like me as a person, i think he is just attracted and dont want anything serioius.

    im virgo:)

  • Hey nency

    I am looking at your situation, and I can tell see how the relationship is conflicting a little with school, ...

    Ahead though... after a time where nothing is happening physically there is some dramatic breakthrough with this guy (tower), and you fall in love and it is fast when it happens! (Lovers + Chariot outcome).

    "i think he is just attracted and dont want anything serioius."

    What if he really comes after you? Are you prepared for a change like that? You see what I mean? By not seriously considering that. you are playing into a situation where you will be caught off guard. I would say you and he need to start having some heart to hearts

    ...now that you are "seeing" each other.

  • yeah it could be, and i dont know if im ready, im scared cos im worried that if it happens it will be good for a while and then he will decide to get back to his girlfrined.

    will see, i will update you if anything happens.

    can you tell me about college, is it going to be good, will i be good like in first semester?

  • he really dosent think about leaving his girlfriend, he just wants affair. 😕

  • Hi nency...

    Sri, I should have gotten back to you on your college question.

    So, he is just wanting a fling? Hmm... well, that can always change. Wouldn't surprise me at all to hear that he leaves this current girlfriend and seems much more infatuated with you!

    As for college... 2 of Pentacles. That is a very nice material sorta energy... 2, balance, stable at a young stage. So that is good for first semester.

    10 of pentacles. You buy a lottery ticket on campus and win a zillion bucks. I am not sure... this is 10 (big!) from the 2... so that sees like whatever "good" thing starting out really develops and you end the semester really victoriously!

    I hope all is going well for you... maybe that guy will snap out of it haha...


  • jeah, well maybe he changes his mind, i thougt if i get involved with him, maybe he will get to know me better and maybe really like me, but idk it's a risk, dont wanna get to attached and risk my own relationship and then be left.

    Uh however, will see what's gonna happen, that's great to hear this semester(second one) is really harder than first one.

    thank you astra 🙂

  • hey, so not much changed since i posted here last ime between me and him. But recently i think he had problems with his gf and they broke up( im not sure in that tho). What can i expect now from him, is he thinking about getting back with his gf(she is aries) or maybe about me?


  • Hi nency

    I can try something new with you. I have been playing around with these "3D" studies on life situations, relationships, finances whatever. SO let me try that with you and see where it goes.

    So, in answer to your question " What can i expect now from him, is he thinking about getting back with his gf(she is aries) or maybe about me?"

    I created the spread as shown and I could see a transition here.

    Begins (1) with a companion in path, a Queen of Cups (2).

    That turns serious with the 3 swords (3)! Marriage is even contemplated! (4) with the Hierophant.

    Where does that go?

    Nowhere emotionally (10 pentacles, position 5).

    then a run of black, blah blah.. then! Something, a new feeling! (position 8 the Ace of cups).

    That has the moon over it (position 9), so it is emotionally intense I think.

    Then the Lovers! (position 10) and then the 8 of pentacles (position 11).

    it is like this guy gets to a certain point in love (hierophant earlier with the queen cups) and even now with this new one, he cuts and runs after it turns serious (or he gets the pentacles he wanted and then runs). Seems to be physical payoff after love turns serious, seems to be the story.

    I don't know what to tell you though. It seems to me that there was a queen of cups in the past who is no more, and there is this newer thing (ace cups) not sure what that is regarding, You think that is you?

    It is possible too that it is his wanting to get back to the Aries. That could be it. The ace is "lets try again sweetheart! And there is emotion (moon) and some good times (lovers)... and yet it still ends up in pentacles.

    I think he is searching for a more meaningful relationship pattern.

    ANyway, hope that gives you something to think about! Does any of that ring true about him with what you know?

    blessings, astra

  • Just to give you an idea as to how these structures can grow when you look at a relationship, here is another example of a relationship that is at 5th level (dimension! 🙂

  • wow, that's interesting. i believe that's he is thinking about getting back with, i think he misses her cos i think she left him. Tho i think HE still likes me, but he loves her.

    Maybe im wrong, we will see what's gonna happen, but i will not hope too much.

    Thank you Astra 🙂

  • You are welcome nency! Wish you the Best in that situation.

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