To astra, is this ok?

  • Hi Astra!

    I don´t know how to reach you in any other way but this, can I reach out to the guy like this?

    Hello how are you? And if he answers but doesn´t ask back can I write this?

    I just wanted to see how you were doing and let you know it would be fun to see you before you go on your "vacation", so if you wanna stay friends let me know because it is your decision to be made, I already told you what I want

    Should I change it or is it good?

  • Dear rockofages,

    I think that all sounds lovely to me!

    What if he writes back with a question? Like,

    "Oh, hi rockofages... I am great. So, what it going on with you? How is everything?"

    That might take the conversation in a whole new direction! You might want to be ready for that possibility...

  • He didn´t, he commented on my status and liked it so i wrote to him on the facebook chat, anyways we talked a little on the chat and then I said it would be fun to see him sometime if he wanted to, so he invited me to a celebration tonight 😛

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