Astra, here we go again so help!

  • I never met my grandmother, she died a few years before I was born and so with my grandfather on my mothers side, thanks though astra 🙂

  • Astra, I am thinking about writing him a message exactly one week before he leaves and I don´t know how to write something? I wanna stay in touch with him during his one year but I don´t wanna come of as a stalkerish typ or you know pain in the butt girl.

    How about this:

    Hi, I know u will be leaving soon so I just wanted to see if you are interested in keeping in touch during your stay as friends, because I can honestly not see why we can´t be friends, I have no idea how we´re gonna do it so if you want to stay in touch with me please let me know, you got my number so you know how to reach me. If I don´t hear anything before u go away then I take this as you don´t wanna stay in touch, it´s your choice but any how, I wish you all the best and I hope you stay safe and secure

    hugs Gabi

    What do you think? to short or?

  • I think that sounds beautiful. RIght from your heart.

    You might consider leaving it something like...

    "...I wish you all the best and I hope you stay safe and secure... and I hope I hear from you."

    Or something like that... how does that sound? I am sure anything you put in front of him will have him crying... I follow what your own heart tells you.

    How is that?

  • Hmm I don´t know about the crying part, I spent the night with him yesterday, I was supposed to stay at a friends apartment after a party but she had a guy staying with her so I asked him if I could sleep at his apartment, we hooked up but didn´t have sex becuse he didn´t have any condoms. He also told me a gangmember was watching over us becuse his cousins friend who this guy also hooked up with was his cousins best friend and she was watching over her so she asked this member to make sure we didn´t have sex but it was very close. Anyways I asked him if he wanted me to write any letters and he did.

    But he was so short to me yesterday, he was sleeping when I left so I left a note saying wasn´t able to wake u up, see you soon kiss and hugs. So when I said thanks for letting me spend the night he only responded it´s cool, so I wrote it would be fun to hang like that again no response..he was partying with his gang then I guess but still, I feel rejected.

    Anyways I scratched his back almost all morning (we didn´t stop partying until 11 in the morning) and talked and then he asked me to hold my arm around him while sleeping..but this other girl bothers me because he said she has a boyfriend and he doesn´t want anyone when he is going to jail..but I do feel as if he has feelings for her and only took me because I was

  • I just wrote to him that it was nice to talk to him like we did, we have never done that before..stupid of me or not? I just wanted him to know

  • He saw the message but didn´t respond at all....I take this as he is more interested in the other girl, however I recognize his way of talking about her like he talked about another girl before me..Astra what to do and think about all of this?

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