Astra, here we go again so help!

  • Hi Astra!

    I went to the party yesterday and ended up making out(a little hands were on places aswell) and I told him, you know how I feel and what I want so now it´s up to you to take the decision

    Astra, can you please do a reading on what´s coming next for us after this happened? I appreciate it alot because now I reached out to him and I have sober told him what I want, I just hope he isn´t playing me

  • Dear rockofages

    What is coming next? Trust is my guess...

    I would say this is a good time to pray, "Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done...".

    So, Next? My guess is this situation will intensify and you will know he is for real.

    Ace of Pentacles... that is a nice card of physical beginnings... new start.

  • Ultimately... these things are in Heaven's hands... I would say next will be more opportunities to

    communicate. and simply express love...

  • I texted him today and asked if he wanted to hang out, the answer I got was that he was Ok and he was working but that we could see later, so I said Ok do so, text me if you want to..not a word...

    Should I give up or continue?

  • Astra I am seriously tired of crying because of his way, he brings me close, shares things with me and then pushes me back again, help me please?

  • Hi,

    Well, there is emotions involved with all of this now... if you are crying and such, that is a good sign to take a break from it. I can't give "advice" okay, I am not a trained counselor or anything! So please take anything I say as simply one other person's point of view...

    Me? In your shoes? And he taking 'a trip', I would agree to be friends with him, and write and nothing more. Let him leave you with a handshake and an agreement that you will write each other... and see where that goes.

    That is only me... not any cards or anything.

  • OK Astra, how does men work? Like if you liked a girl, would you text her lot or have spontaneous contact with her like very 3rd or 4th day? Because he does like bring me close, takes a break and the contacts me when I don´t contact him for a fue days, however I am guessing he won´t contact me before he goes on the trip 😕

    Should I just forget what you said about not letting me forget about it and reaching out to him? And the readings...I can´t just forget those since everyone praises you and I have these feelings for him and I thought he did too, why else would he say stuff like he respects and stand up for me infront of his brother when he said that mean thing? No one has ever seen him do that before...I just can´t forget him...

  • Dear rockofages,

    Hey I am not taking any praises okay? This tarot reading business is soul search journey stuff, not really fortune telling. I only try to help, but judging by the results it ain't helping much.

    I really don't know what its for... I can only tell you as a friend to be careful who you open your heart to.. And when in doubt DO NOTHING. If I had done NOTHING most of my life as regards relationships, I would be a lot better off today. Unfortunately I am a romantic basket case, and that makes you and easy mark for everyone apparently. Whatever. That's cool. I hope to find an alien girl, and fall in love with HER> I give up on Earth.

    As for your guy question... if I liked a girl a lot I would be texting all the time probably... unless she told me to go jump in a lake or ignores me... In which case I would conclude that she has no interest, and her flame goes out (whatever I once felt for her).

    It doesn't sound like you are ignoring him though. So if you are trading texts back and forth and it seems nice, then that all seems okay... I don't understand where the question or concern is here? Are you trying to make some decision "for" him to be your lover or something? Like, you are under pressue to do that? I don't get it...

    of course, I don't get anything much anymore except RC airplanes, those have been nice to me, and I kinda understand them.( wires and motor and plastic). People on the other hand...

    Do you want a reading? I guess I could do reading for you...

  • Okay rockofages...

    I tried one of these "back and forth" dialogue relationship readings and it seems to show something about you and him.

    I think you two are a Cup-Pentacle relationship. In other words it is all about the FEELINGS and the PHYSICAL. So, knowing that up front you should be able to work with each other on that bases.

    Talking and trying to determine your "future" together I don't think is going to work. You two are all about the FEELINGS and the physical, the touch and being close... that is the relationship right there. So I would enjoy your company with each other for what it is, cups and pents, and perhaps the questions like "what is our future" don't really apply to you two.

    How does that sound? I am still trying to get you and him in the hope of helping... I guess we can always hope...

  • Hi Astra

    I met him tonight and we talked, it turns out my friend was right all along, he´s been manipulating me and playing with me all along, he never meant a thing he has said, I was just another girl he had some fun with...

  • awww thats reallly sad 😞 men can play women so easy.....

    sorry for your loss rockofages 😞

    but hang in there.....



  • Oh rockofages

    maybe you two are only playing with each other... drama.

    You two will be together... this is all a part of your little way you have to work through relationship issues prior to a long term commitment.

    I mean... it could be that way... right?


    I don't want to see him manipulating you, that sounds kinda mean.

    Anyway, I wish you the best in love and life today!

    Stay open.

  • Astra, I wasn´t playing him...

    Now your confusing me :S Astra what does these riddles mean? they are like riddles to me

  • Riddles? I don't know about riddles... I am giving you my honest assessment. I could be wrong about you and him... I don't claim to have perfect clairvoyance. I just draw cards and look at what they say. I got a lot of nice cards for you and him and I wanted to say it looked nice.

    However, you share how the train is now off the rails and caribchic said he was just "playing you" ..

    I don't know about all that... I just turn cards over and share what they seem to say... I have no control over how life ultimately works out.

    I WISH it would work out nicely for all! However my "wishing" score ain't been too hot lately... 😞

    oh well.. maybe I will just paint...

    Here is a painting I did yesterday of a pond. Maybe getting some art in our lives is the answer to all of these love questions.

  • I love the painting Astra 🙂

    Lucky you to relax with a canvas.... I loved the one you did on the fairy tree tooo...really beautiful....

  • hey thanks caribchic!

    I am having fun with them again, although fun comes in different wrappers sometimes 🙂

    I hope you are doing okay? Hanging in there with your guy... how is that going?

  • caribchic

    (and this goes for you too rockofages)

    How is/was your relationship with...

    your mother?

  • Well it´s always been me and my mother, we´re close, too close because she has this need of control over me, but I don´t have any contact since almost 8 years now with the other one, he was a alcoholic and he used to beat me so...why do you ask?

    Yeah I wish your cards were true aswell, maybe they are talking about when he has come home from his vacation? I don´t know....I wish it was all true and all happening, but at the same time...I don´t think me and him could have lived normal life without the gangthing introuding...I don´t know astra, all I know is that the energy I put on him has drained me

  • Hi rockofages

    Okay I was curious. A lot of the spirituality in the families comes down through the women, or should it seems to me. So I was interested to see how you and your mother's relationship is.

    That tells me... GOOD NEWS for you rockofages... that it is your Mother's love for you and her maturity as a spiritual person which will hold you tightly through whatever life throughs at you.

    I'll bet your grandmother... your mother's mom... also very close and a very spiritual lady?

    So. Whatever life is throwing at you is happening for a reason... it is a part of your spiritual path as a beautiful divine creature! Which we all are... 🙂

    Your dad... I am so sorry about that, that is not how it should be... a reason though, I suppose these things happen... so we trust 'up there'.

    I don't know about the cards and the way matters have developed with him and you. I would say it is for the best at this time. I would hang on to what you felt for him though.

    I wish I had more to say..... sri....

    I thought you and he could stay in touch? Write back and forth... I thought that seemed harmless enough... and see what happens...

  • I want to stay in touch with him but I think I will leave him alone for a week and then write to him and ask if he wanna keep in touch or not 🙂 I won´t just end the contact with him because if what happened but I don´t wanna write to him to soon

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