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  • Hi!

    For years I've wondered about my biological family. My Dad was given up for adoption many years ago. I really don't know much about the circumstances. I just know he was born in Philadelphia and adopted by a young couple (my grandparents.) His parents didn't tell him much about his biological family. Is there anyone who has been looking for him? It's been hard to find any information online, so I was hoping someone could help. Thanks!

  • Start with your dad's birth certificate.

  • My dad and I aren't sure what happened to the original birth certificate. The names listed on the current one are his adoptive parents. It seems like the adoption was planned in advance and he was never issued one with the names of his biological parents. I was thinking that it's possible that the biological father was unknown. When my grandmother passed away, we thought for sure that we would find something that had the names listed. Nothing like that was found.

  • Can't you apply to the state government office (it's called the "Births, deaths and marriages"' registry here in Australia) where your father was born for the original birth certificate? Or contact the adoption agency?

  • Well, one of the things that makes it complicated is that it was a closed adoption. The original birth certificate would have been sealed. The one issued through the state office won't have the birth parents listed. It's possible that my dad could contact the court to have it unsealed. The adoption agency has been closed for some time now. Another challenge is finding out where those records went. I've found numerous records online, but none are for my dad.

  • your father was born in the united states, in the state of philadelphia is were you have to begin looking, with his date of birth, hosiptal he was born, there they must have a record of his birth, with the mothers name, you can try other social network, dont give up hope, majority of cases, the birth mother, wants to know how the child is, it is a special part of person that is missing,


  • Thanks to those who responded. I haven't given up yet. I think I may have discovered where the records went. Hopefully, something will turn up.

  • i wish you the very best of luck


  • Me too! This is now the age of secrets being discovered or exposed so it seems like you will uncover your dad's past.

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