Blmoon... Can you help?

  • Dear Blmoon,

    How are you? Are you still busy with your remodeling, renovating, redecorating...etc.? I hope it is all coming along just as you like it.

    Could you help me with this dream?

    I was in a theatre to see a play. I was looking for seats with a good view of the stage. I was alone but needed four seats, three more people were going to join me, no idea who. Whenever I found a place that from a different perspective seem to be directly facing the stage, it turned out to have restricted view once I sat down. This theatre at first glance had the appearance of a classic theatre but some areas had a wall in the part facing the stage and were turned into beautifully furnished and decorated salons. The whole place was in a sort of old rose colour. I finally found a place with a good view on the stage but on the row of seats in front of me there was a couple making out covered by a blanket. It was disturbing and I could not hear the play. Someone came and he wanted to throw them out, while the man was keeping this other man busy, the woman slipped away. She was extremely black and totally naked. The man pretended he was alone and there was no-one else there, the other man asked him about the black clothes and handbag on the floor and he said the handbag was mine. I showed my own handbag which was white. With all this going on, I couldn’t see the play so, I got up once more and went to look for another place. On my way, I dropped my fountain pen and a guard or a policeman told me and helped me pick it up. All the different pieces of the fountain pen were lying on the floor (red carpet). When I had all the pieces in my hand, I proceeded to putting them back together and I found that there was no ink left. This seemed to be of some significance… After that, I was outside and my husband was there. We were witnessing the most beautiful sunset over some much admired monuments. I said I was sorry I did not have a camera to take pictures and my husband said to forget about that and just enjoy the wonderful view. I was thinking “I wish I could take a picture for Blmoon, she would love this view.” Then I said “maybe I should get myself and iphone for cases like this” and he said “an ipod is better.” I didn’t see why but let it go.

    My Scorpio friend has again invited me for a long weekend and this time he sent me the return ticket. He has bought tickets for a show, a play and an exhibition, made reservations in a really special restaurant and plans to meet me when I arrive and accompany when I leave. He also promised we would take taxis a lot more and this should be a relaxed time for me. I first told him I did not have the energy for this trip and that is why he is trying to make it pleasant and not too tiring for me. He wanted to see me and it creates less drama with his wife if he goes to his home town… He hinted in a not very subtle way at things he wants to talk about… I think he wants to separate but would be willing to stay if his wife would not be so aggressive… He is afraid of change and I believe, also of being alone. Sometimes he sounds disappointed or hurt when his wife refuses to join him when he suggest some outing or when she does not include him in hers. You once told me about how Scorpios can "punish" someone for a very long time... Well, I think these two are punishing each other!!! He has been punishing her for many years and she wants revenge... He mentioned a couple of times that we live in different countries and I would not want to live where he lives… I did not comment on that but he is right.

    Do you have any insight or advice for me?

    Much love

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