Astra Angel, things have changed

  • Hi Astra how are you? I hope your good and your weekend also 🙂

    I need to ask for help for one last time, remeber the boy? Well he contacted me, as he always does when he writes to me on facebook like today, I am the one continuing the convo, but he did contact me twice this week.

    Anyways, I need an update on what he want´s with me, like what will happen between us when he comes back from his "vacation"? and why am I feeling this way about him, is this "it" ? I sometimes thinks he want´s me but he has trouble saying what he feels as I got confirmed by a friend.

    So seriously, is he the one or should I move on? I need help knowing what this is, how he really feels and what will happen between us, please help me one last time astra

  • Hi rockofages

    Okay, I will look and share whatever seems to come to mind.

    You are the Queen of cups in this.

    Situation/crossing - 2 of Cups / 2 of Pentacles

    That feels REALLY nice to me rockofages. Those are two very nice, innocent "affirming" energies of emotions/relationship and physical balance/relationship. Feels like a love relationship trying to be born.

    I think he stirs something in you... this could be coming in on "wavelengths" that you may not be able to fathom really?

    Above is 6 of Pentacles and below is 10 of Wands -

    Past is 8 of Swords and ahead is 8 of Pentacles.

    So you have some nice working, physical energies around you right now... the 2/6/8 are all very nice physical, earth, material, physical sharing and "...working on it".

    Past and below are 8 swords and 10 swords... that shows a lot of thought on this!

    SUBCONSCIOUSLY too... which could mean you wake up and wonder the question about him...

    Future environment - Temperance. That is blending, harmony energy, that is a positive, balanced energy around you, that you are heading toward I think...

    And outer influences is 6 of swords... that is intellectual smooth sailing, like your mind is at peace about it all...

    The hopes and dreams for him is 2 wands... so another 2 card... so, 2 2 2 with him that is strong strong 2-ness... like trying to be a couple feelings...

    And the "outcome" is 10 of wands, that is like the finish line of path WITH a question of where next, so sort of a crossroads card.

    You know, the only thing I got with you and him was. You know, when he is away on his vacation he really appreciate letter, communication from you. I think he may see you as a hope to hold to (looking forward to his return) while he is traveling. Maybe it wouldn't hurt... you could keep in touch with him.... and who knows. It could turn into one of the nicest, sweetest dialogues two people could ever have.

    What do you think? I hope something in there helped... I would listen to your angels and the Universe, follow your heart... you will choose right I know!



  • Hi astra!

    We both know he isn´t going on a real vacation, this is the guy you read for me about before like 2 times before I belive? so we both know where he is going 😉

    I don´t know anymore, i have started to question about him because he is giving me so mixed messages, but I will defently stay in touch with him...thanks astra 🙂

  • Astra one more thing, do you see him as a part of my future or will there be someone else? He is going away for 1 year I think...

  • rockofages...

    What if his being a part of your future depends on whether you reach out to him or not?

    Are you wanting to know that things will work out with him BEFORE you become the fool in love? I don't know that the tarot is really predicting anything..... it gives you some things to think about.

    I can answer another question, like... if you reach out to him. what does the path show? You want to try that? I can promise you it will only be good, I mean I am not going to tell you to forget it okay?

    Make sense? Maybe not haha....


  • Ok thanks astra 😛 so by other words, contact him?

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