Blmoon, I need you too

  • Dear Blmoon,

    Wow I really miss talking to you, there was alot of time we talked almost every day, and I miss your insight.

    I am doing so much better since the finilization of my divorce, funny how getting it done changed how I feel, but it did.

    I can't imagine either of them being very happy witht the outcome except that now he is free and they can do what they want.

    I have been having trouble sleeping for a very long time now. No matter what I try I fall asleep easily, but I was waking every night between 2 and 3 and having a hard time falling back to sleep.

    My new boss changed my schedual and now I work at 6 instead of 8 and I told myself thats perfect, when I wake up it will be time to get ready for work, only now I wake up at 2.

    When I wake upI tell myself how lucky I am. Everyone is healthy and happy, I have a big warm bed and great pillows, I have nothing to worry about and my whole life ahead of me, but I can't get back to sleep.

    I feel like I am supposed to figure something out and when I do I will not wake up so much.

    Do you have and Idea what it is"?

  • Dear Blmoon.

    Well I hope all is well with you. I am doing so much better, I am sleeping like a baby, work is great, and the boys are all doing well.

    Trevor had his first broken heart and that was hard for him, but he is the one who tries to hide his emotions so we are all just trying to be there for him.

    He found a great young lady who was a perfect fit for him and they were very happy, but she had to move far away.

    I was hoping you could tell me what is next for me.

    I read back on all you have said, but I don't know how to get past being okay.

    Life is great, but I am so lonely.

    I would love to have more friends, but find myself stressed and tired after work and busy cleaning on my days off.

    Ron has never regreted loosing me or his sons and it makes me wonder if maybe I am not lovable at all.

    I mean I have alot of at work friends, but they all have lives that don't include me and we never go out.

    I had a man from my past find me and he was so hppy to see me and never called, and I see hundreds of people every day and no one want me. what should I do, I don't want to be Alone forever

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