Dear Magical Astraangel :-)

  • Hello dear Astraangel, i have heard so much about you, and seen your magical and amazing readings for others....its incredible your work/art....

    i thought i would give it a chance and see if i could get a reading from you.

    I know your probably busy and if you have any time left for me i would be so thankful.

    im a gemini born 1983- in may...

    For many months now i have felt the desire to find a job and move abroad as i dont feel this is the place/country i need to be in..... I feel im destined to live somewhere else and that is the place my soul longs for....although i havnt had much luck in finding a job abroad so i could make this move.

    I was wondering if you could see WHEN i would find a job to move abroad? Do u see a move at all in your cards regarding me?

    Thank you so much for taking your time to do a reading, and i wish you a wonderful day today.

    Regards ´´ the dreamer´´ 🙂

  • Hi gina2012

    Well I don't know how magical... I try to share something I don't what it all means really. Anyway... THANKS for the request and let's see what turns up for you!

    I drew 10 cards, celtic cross. and based on these cards I would say YES you are totally looking a move, relocation... the cross ends on Knight of Pentacles and the staff with the 3/King of Pentacles so yes... as for "when" I would say 7 swords is when. (that is the future environment card). Outer influence is King/3 wands so that is helping speed it up. Wands are fast, then swords, then cups, then pentacles last... from what I have read. Could be the case, who knows...

    So 7 something, swords are sometimes thought of as representing days weeks... 7 days /7 weeks... that sounds really fast to me! Maybe you see something.

    I never feel real comfortable with time questions... maybe someone else can see that for you.

    You seem to be thinking a lot about it at present. Subconsciously you believe you can do this (6 wands). There is something stalling out in your material/financial life in the past that is an issue back there (7 pent).

    Crossing you is Chariot so I think you are chomping at the bit to get going!

    Hopes and dreams... the Devil... you really want to see the world! See all the beautiful places... experience it all!

    I think things seems to be urging you along - it all sounds good to me "the dreamer!"

    I hope that helps... blessings to you


  • dear astraangel hope your are doing well...

    thank you so much for taking your time to do a reading for did make sense to me the reading you did and what you got was so ME......but thank you for this reading.....i truly hope i will spread my wings soon and move 🙂 wish you a great day, god bless you 🙂

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