Stability of Family Life – May I have a reading please?

  • Hello,

    I would really appreciate a reading please. I would like to get an idea, if possible, about what is in store for me regarding my family life: marital stability / separation, children etc.

    Thanks very much,


  • Here is a reading,

    either your not seeing the whole picture and feel constricted... like if you have blinder on, you are only seeing what’s in front

    seems like you are still confused and sad...but it's not as bad

    you are not communicating well which is adding to the mistrust

    your thoughts are on a younger male, nice feeling around him

    i get the feeling he has been stagnant and that is why you worried

    Trust in yourself you know you can handle things and keep it in order, it's important to be strong

    there is a second youth that is younger...also a good feeling...they both seem to be good natured and have a spark to them

    seems like your worried over someone being dominant and controlling...and fighting

    ok you have been fighting....before you do anything, think it out, I guess you have a choice in front of you...this goes back above about seeing a big picture...look at it from all sides before you make that choice...don't just rush into it

    a different guy pops up...seems like he has a lot of energy, he can be real nice...but beneath be careful he has a temper and can be mean...don't just look at the nice guy because he is a whole package....the not nice parts come out too

    If someone gives good advice, you need to listen... Don't just go on emotions and don't close your ears if it is not what you don't want to open listen to everything...think it thru...then make a decision... that comes in loud and comes thru strong...

    Remember the choices you make are yours...then you have to live with them... be smart and think it thru...dont be rash...

    Hope that helps,


  • Thanks very much Nick! The younger, stagnant male is most likely my husband. I also recognise the last guy who can be mean. There are only two guys, so I’m not sure who the middle, younger guy is. I have been openly fighting with my husband, and there has been a cold war with the other one. The rift with my husband is a separate issue from my old feelings for the guy who has a mean side. I also assumed this guy no longer felt much for me. I’m afraid of my husband’s stagnancy, because I have a great need to move forward. I can’t find any clarity. I feel stuck.

    Thanks again,


  • The strongest feeling I had was the choice you are going to make, put a lot of time and effort into the choice. Be open minded look at the choice from all angles and think it thur before you make that choice.

    Good luck,


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