HI AstraAngel

  • Hi AstraAngel

    I went to the Casino yesterday and broke even.

    At least this time I got my money back not coming home a loser.

    Examining & checking the people & the slot machines I really think one would win if they can afford to bet more instead of just the minimum bet. The machine I was playing the girl said that 2 weeks ago a man played the maximum bet (150/ 2cents) won $6000.00. She said she watched him played for awhile and she took off and came back for half an hour and watched him again and thats when he won the $6000.00. He was there for awhile though she said. He must have bet a lot of money to win but at least he got his money back I hope.

    Thanks again for your help I wish I had more money to bet. I will try to save more money so I can bet at least a higher amount next time try so I can get a better win.

    If you have another idea for a lucky talisman in games of chance please let me know who knows if I try it it might help me and I will keep you posted for the lucky talisman!!!!!


  • Hi Magickal

    Why don't you take $20 tomorrow (use the Sun talisman!), and the very FIRST slot machine that catches your eye, and will allows you to make a bet with whatever the "max bet" is set to (without changing anything)... feed your 20 to that machine and hit the max bet, and keep hitting that until you either make over $20 at which point CASH OUT IMMEDIATELY and post back with whatever you walked away with. Do NOT keep playing as soon as you have any profit I don't care if its only a penny.

    Otherwise report how much you lost. And we'll go from there.



  • I wish everyone could cash in on this...


  • Hi AstraAngel

    That is so tempting but I cant make it tomorrow I wish I could too bad I cant.

    That sounds like a great idea. Besides its been snowing here and I really dont want to drive that far when its snowing. One time I was driving carefully and my car still slid and luckily no car beside me or behind me. Come to think of it I did that before first machine I saw I went and played right away but just bet the minimum ( most of the time I just do the minimum) and won I think under $20.00. I forgot already but I know I did that system but that was sometime ago. I think you are right that idea is a good idea. First machine that catches your eye play the maximum. One of these Sundays I will try that system.

    Hope you have a blesssed week.

  • Hi Astra Angel,

    My stepdaughter- 6-30-77. Her husband 3-18 (dont know year) he is 42 years old.

    They are separated now and they still have not come up with a good settlement.

    He is taking care of all his familys finances. Poor thing.

    Actually she is giving him a hard time about it. She is scaring him if he doesnot follow

    the way she wants it. They have been married only for 4 years.

    This is only for me to know & keep to myself. Not saying anything to my husband.

    Its not really my business to give my opinion. Its her life. Its just that I

    feel so sorry for the guy. He is a nice guy and I know how my

    stepdaughter could be so demanding and righteous. Will he finally give in to what she wants

    or will he get a fair settlement?

    Poor guy he waited this long to get married and end up like this.

    Thank you & blessings

  • Hi AstraAngel

    I should have started with wanted a reading for my stepdaughter.


  • Hi AstraAngel

    I dont know if it helps the reading but they have 2 kids now.


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