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  • Suzanne Carvell-Kingdom of Light

    This morning as I was awakening I heard the Kingdom of Heaven is here and this I feel with all my soul as my Twin Flame is very close now. We have been sending powerful love and light outward around above and below flooding Dearest Gaia and all of Humanity in Heavens Light which we also join with others sending their love and light outwards.

    Our love and light binds us together as One. It is nearly time to step into my divine place within the new energies as it is for many Light Keepers who began many many years ago in Lemuria. Many Ancient writings and Maps are due to make their way to Humanity in an open History of where we came from, our journey’s, not just on Earth but other Planets within the Great Cosmos of life.

    Many have found themselves off line so to speak but this was to enable the stillness of remembering who you are and to help reveal the gifts you have that have always been there but at times you tend to think are just fantasy, imagination. I am here to tell you they are a part of you they are you and you know how to use them. It is time to accept that who you are is more than the current vessel you find yourself in. You are a divine being who now needs to connect to the music inside of you.

    Allow it to flow through you, sense feel each note with your very being as it is played for this is your music and when it joins the others and blends as one the sound is of beauty, of creation, it is the sound of Heaven in all her Glory. With the energies of February I have left the past behind and now stand atop a Mountain watching. What is occurring below is but dust swirling close to the ground trying to find a place to settle and cover that which it finds, but I tell you the winds blow this dust into the Rains which floods the areas it tries in vain to cling to washing them clean.

    Where the dust and sands had accumulated the seeds of long ago begin to germinate pushing through to the long ago promised Light of a new Dawn. You are like these seeds for I can see your light through the light mist that flows like a whisper just out of reach now but dear ones your light is rising, very soon this mist will clear and reveal the trueness of your sky’s colour and the beauty she holds which has been denied you for thousands and thousands of years. I have sat in Meditation around a pool which holds a crystal so beautiful with five others for many life times.

    Last year I rose from my position and walked this path up the Mountain where I walked to meet an Argathan, together we walked to the top and looked down. Below I saw those of inner Earth meeting with Tribes of many lands ready to take forth messages to Humanity far and wide. Very soon it will be time for the crystal to rise to its full height where its light will connect to others around the universe this will signal the sign many have been demanding for just over Two Thousand years. In the year 12/21/12 many of Humanity were waiting for something.

    The Elite pushed to fulfil prophecy to be thwarted at each turn. Many movies arrived showing disasters of enormous proportions and still they tried to push the fear in the hopes of holding on. The Popes resignation why this year of all years. It is no coincidence that we have made it to the year 2013 for it is the year of Truth, Miracles, Wonders.

    The signs are appearing in the sky as the New Kingdom of Heaven arrives In accordance according to a promise made to many of Humanity in Jerusalem on the day he rose to Heaven Jesus’s return is close at hand. As we draw close to his Anniversary may the Kingdoms Light under divine decree help those who wish to break free of past programming. I now stand in my Divine essence as the Daughter of Melchizedek

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