Can anyone give me a reading?

  • I am looking for insight on the one area of my life that is stagnant: love. I have moved to a new state and I am away from my family. I would like to find someone to spend time with but it seems as though it wont happen. I am looking for guidance or if there will be a man in my future. My birthday is 6/29/88. Please help me.

  • You will only meet someone if you put in the effort by stepping out of the safe little world you currently inhabit and dare to explore a whole other side of life in the larger bulk of society. You need mental refreshment, to have new experiences, visit new places, and meet different types of people, to allow your mind to wander into the vast sea of possibility, instead of thinking 'it won't happen for me'. Give yourself more choices. If you really believe it won't happen, then it won't. You are what you believe. But why at 24 would you be giving up on love?

    The trick to meeting interesting people is to remain deeply rooted in reality and just communicate with them, instead of being afraid and fantasizing/assuming you will be ridiculed or laughed at. No, you don't think like other people but that doesn't make you crazy or stupid, it means you are an individual. It is your fear that is holding you back, not fate. Get yourself out there, join and mingle! Speak to people. Take a leap of faith. Mr. Right is not going to just land on your doorstep, you know.

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