144 card extraterrestrial tarot reading

  • I thought you folks might like this, I built a web app to generate any number of cards for readings, and then I run that through post processing to create "extraterrestrial art" from the cards.

    This is a 144 (12x12 grid) tarot reading based on the Tator Tarot deck design I have been using.

    BTW, I am not sure I will be on here much any more giving readings. I am sorta worn out trying to be a fortune teller. I think the Tarot is supposed to be a personal tool that we should each use to discover our inner world, (that's how I use it) and it is ironically trying to get us to let go of the real world concerns (job, relationship, money, love questions, what's he thinking, will he/she come back, etc). Anyone who was looking for a reading I can give you a one word answer - trust.


  • Hi AstraAngel

    Thank you for all your help.

    May you be blessed with peace, happiness, good health & wealth!

  • I´m gonna miss you

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