Hi AstraAngel could I please have a reading?

  • Hello Astraangel I really would like a reading as soon as possible. Basically i relocated to live where my bf lives and I am very unhappy here......I have been thinking of moving and leaving him due to me being so unhappy in this small town.....but then I think what if I move will i be making a big mistake? I just want to know that if I do move will I be alright or regret it? Could you please tell me what you see?

  • Hi CrazyGem23

    I am happy to try and help! Sri to hear you are experiencing some challenges there.

    I drew a Celtic Cross and I will give you the short version, and the long version should you want to read through that.

    SHORT VERSION - It looks like you are going to be moving! This simply seems to show very clearly that MOVING is where things are headed. I can only conclude that is what the Universe is leading you to so. What do you think? It sounds like you really want to get out of there.


    (I selected the Queen of Pentacles in this since this seems to be a material/physical/home related issue)

    Situation - Queen of Wands - So this shows that YOU are the center of this setting and it is definitely a PATH issue you are trying to decide about. So we want to see how the wands fall in this reading to lend support or not to a move.

    Crossing - 6 of Swords, that seems to show a desire to relocate to calmer waters. A little less stress perhaps.

    Above - STRENGTH - that seems to be you keeping a lid on matters, remaining composed. You are concerned about following your instincts here and they seem to be telling you to move.

    Below - 5 of Wands shows a path change or adjustment as a foundation of the reading. So that does seem to lend support to a move being best.

    Recent past - 10 of Cups - So, very emotional recently, intensity one way or the other. I am guessing that were this in the super-nice emotional direction we wouldn't be doing this reading right now.

    Approaching - TEMPERANCE - That shows blending and again, some composure, I really am getting the sense that you are trying hard to maintain composure and keep your cool in the midst of this setting. So that is good! Good for you, good for this situation is to remain cool as a cucumber throughout.

    This also incorporates a 2 of Pentacles, which I have been looking for in this reading as an indication of a move to come, so that seems to again be saying YES to the move.

    Future environment - 8 of Pentacles - 8's are really expansive energy and in Pentacles this means some very significant developments, organizing, could indicate packing that sort of thing. As this is Pentacles it does seem to show some important part of your life enters a physical "growth or movement" pattern, so this is also feeling like it is supporting the physical relocation.

    Outer Influences - 9 of Swords - This is very developed and fulfilled INTELLECT which seems to be making your mind up about this decision. I get the sense that the Universe is encouraging you to think clearly and calmly to arrive at a quality decision to do this. I believe the Universe is helping you with clear thoughts and will provide great wisdom to help you choose appropriately.

    Hopes and concerns - This is the 2 Pentacles I was looking for so that seems like another YES to the move. This must really be your desire, to relocate and to make this choice to move forward on your path. Your concern you have expressed as "will i be making a big mistake? " I do not see you making a mistake. Then again, any decision we make in life will ultimately work out for the best so you can't really go wrong. It will work out.

    Outcome - 2 of Wands - this is a very AFFIRMING (Yes) energy to a path question so once again, this reading totally seems like everything is leading you to move. I believe the Universe is guiding you with wisdom, and you can rest assured that everything will work out. You would not be asking for the reading if everything were okay in that situation, so I believe that all of this is working together to help you move on down the road. I see no regrets from where I am sitting.

    Listen to what your heart is telling you, that is the Strength card guiding you, I think your heart must be whispering loudly to take a step.

    I feel that the 9 of Swords in the Outer Influences could also be the setting. Causing some duress. Tears perhaps. The positive side of that energy is the Universe helping you with clear-headed thinking and a solid choice - that you will be doing the right thing to move.

    Now, that is what the cards and all seem to be saying to me CrazyGem23... however, you should pray about it (as I know you are) and let the Universe guide you, and then you proceed as you see best. I hope that this reading provides some added insight in the situation to help you come to a decision. I pray for you that this all works out exactly as it should! Feel free to ask if your need anything further on this...

    Many blessings, and peace


  • Thank you. You truly are an angel 🙂 Yes i have been praying and will continue to do so!! In moving do you see me getting this job that i've been longing for? which is part of the reason for the move also. Or am i asking too much of you? Hehe. Only if you have the time dear. Thank you once again!

  • Hey CrazyGem23

    This all looks good to me for work... a lot of PATH movement cards, page, knight wands, and a King wands shows attainment. Judgment below is a card of "moving up" in your world... ACE Pentacles in the "soon to come" position, that is a new job or new something in the financial/home areas.... Hierophant is a nice "yes" card in the outer influences (Universe giving her vote of approval).

    SUN card crossing you which is bright days ahead... so yes, this all look really super nice to me for an expectation of getting that job, which you have longed for (Knight Cups center and 4 Cups above seems to show your longing).

  • Thank you so much darling. May god bless you! 🙂

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