Hilarion: You are in the Process of a Massive Transformation of Your Entire Bein

  • Hilarion: You are in the Process of a Massive Transformation of Your Entire Being

    channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana – February 24, 2013


    Beloved Ones,

    As you move through your daily lives, you are finding more evidence of subtle workings of the higher dimensions all around you, as situations that were very touchy and volatile seem to just melt away into peace and harmony. This is happening both individually and collectively to all upon the Planet and is most especially noticeable for each Lightworker as they are more sensitive to the new energies that are coming in.

    Continue to allow the effects of these energies to flow through you without resistance and all will be well. Each of you is seeing that this is so and you are finding that speaking your truth with courage and determination brings more that is good into your life rather than the reverse as you and those around you adjust your perceptions.

    These effects will continue as you purge from you thoughts that have been hidden and not looked at clearly before. Your human selves have stored away these thoughts throughout your lifetime and these thoughts have limited your ability to live to your highest potential.

    Sometimes these thoughts have to be expressed quite forcefully in order to free you of their effects. After this occurs, ask the Violet Fire Angels to cleanse and transmute the words that were spoken out into the atmosphere and transform that energy into the pure white Light for the highest good of all. Ask also that what has been released from within your being is immediately replaced with the pure white Light.

    It is incumbent upon each Soul upon the path of Ascension to daily monitor and become aware of their thoughts, as you are now eliminating the weeds to allow new growth to happen in your garden of life. Plant the seeds that will allow you to grow and flourish in the newly ploughed field of the new Golden age that has been awaiting your attention.

    Each thought you sow into the collective field that is life enhancing will return to nourish you and will magnify the good that is waiting for you. Each positive intention you set will bring to you beneficial results that will surprise and delight you. It is time to become the alchemists who turn the lead of the past into the gold in your present.

    As you become proficient in the control of your thought processes, you will become excited about the possibilities that each of you as co-creator with the Infinite One can bring to your world. It starts first in your own personal life where you learn to wield the powerful energy of your thoughts into pleasing manifested form.

    This will delight and consume your days as you follow your heart and your dreams. The joy of each experience will grow exponentially stronger and as each of you learn to work your energy in a new way the lives of those around you will also be uplifted. The feelings of joy beget more of the same and it is this frequency which lifts you to the higher dimensions.

    Continue to be the peace makers and ambassadors of the Light as you daily practice your new powers and abilities. Be not concerned when old hidden thoughts find their way to the surface for expression and voice. In the higher perspective, it is all good. Be gentle and kind with yourselves for you are in the process of a massive transformation of your entire being while being present in your physical body and this is something that has never been attempted before on any Planet. We see that it is all good and that it is bearing fruit for each of you. Ask of us and you shall be given. The important thing to remember is that you must ask.

    Until next week…

    I AM Hilarion

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