AstraAngel reading please

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    My sister and I had a disagreement. Its been 2 years now we have not spoken to one another. I know she is not going to make the first move but I'm curious to know if she will contact me again.

    She had disagreements with my other brother & sister and since then she has never spoken to them. Before our disagreement she told me that she wont talk to them again not unless they do it

    She is the type that does not forgive and forget. She always think she has done no wrong.

    I have helped her so many times and to think she disregarded about what I have done for her and to treat me like this is something else. I'm beginning to wonder if she is BI-Polar she seems to forget the help she has gotten from all of us.

    My husband says she is wrong but I must do the first move after all you already know she wont do it. So is my husband right?

    Thanks and many blessings

  • Dear Magical

    Do you really WANT to talk to her?

  • Dear AstraAngel,

    Not really but I hate to see this happen again. My sister died without her talking to her. I told her that our sister is dying but she stuck to her guns and never spoke to her. I'm sorry

    to say that I'm not going to make the first move. If she does not contact me like what she did to my other siblings then so be it. Its just that I really dont want this thing to happen again. I'm just curious if she will make the first move if not then I will probably someday die to without talking to her which sounds really bad. I'm not mad at her or anything just curious if this thing will happen again.

    Thank you and many blessings

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    Forgot to mention. In a way I'm kind of scared of her she is so vindictive. A scorpio woman for u.

    I have heard her curse my siblings when she got mad at them. I told her not to do that because thats karma and you will have to pay for that but she doesnot care. No matter how small or big the argument is all about when you get her mad she is mad! She probably put a curse on me already. I always pray anyway so that might backfire on her if she ever did that.

    Thank you and many blessings

  • Hi AstraAngel

    Someday when I know I'm dying I will contact her. I know I'm being tough but its her fault and I'm

    older so she has to do it. This might sound mean but what can we do. Like what I said I'm scared of her anyway so probably better stay away from her.

    Thank you and many blessings again.

  • Okay Magikal

    I laid out some cards on this and I will be honest I don't see any real movement either way - except you at the end washing your hands of the whole matter.

    (You are the Queen of Wands in this - its a path issue)

    Situation - 8 of Pentacles crossed with the Page Pentacles - so right there you can see a desire to want to reach out (page).

    Above os the 4 of Pentacles. That is a conscious desire to establish a physical foundation, this is all speaking about a "physical" reconciliation.

    Below - the Devil, so that is going by what we are "seeing" So that has been such a log jam here I believe. Going on the exterior behavior patterns and sounds like it has solidified to where no one wants to do a thing to end it.

    Past - 6 of Cups shows at some point "back there" things were better, actually quite nice according to this. Not sure how many decades we have to go back to unearth that!

    Ahead - The Hermit. That is not movement toward anyone that is remaining isolated.

    Future environment - The Magician. That Magician is NOT involved with any inter-personal anything that Magician is focused on their own craft and having fun and not worrying about the world and what he said she said he didn't do she didn't do what if why not how come what happens if... all the Magician wants to do is have fun (*hit the casino haha)

    Outer influences - The Hanged Man - this seems like the Universe again just saying leave it alone. Hanged men aren't making phone calls to patch up anything, Hanged men just hang there and ponder the higher energies or are trying to figure out how to unhang themselves (not anyone else).

    Hopes and concerns. 3 of Swords - that is very strong "yearning" intellectual energy to get to a 4 which is resolution in the matter. Picking up the swords from the Devil, Hermit and the Magician we have EYE + OPEN HAND + HOUSE = "the eyes have seen the problems there have been efforts to reach out and yet the house has not changed". It all still seems to lead to the Hanged man do nothing.

    Outcome - 6 of Swords. That is moving on quiet sort of thinking energies.

    To be honest I think you should let sleeping dogs lie. I would let her do the reaching out... normally I would be the first to say reach out to her, however the cards to me all seem to be saying your time would be better spent on the slots or the ponies... having fun in other words! (Magician).

    Does that sound selfish? I don't know... I try to read the cards not figure it out...

    Also, you can see that there is really not much in the way of Pentacles coming out of this thing. The page of Pentacles is asking for pentacles in the reading to say "yes" to a step and yet none are showing up. So again, it seems to me to be saying leave it alone.

    That is just the cards though... listen to Spirit and do what you think is right...

    Me? Right would be taking that Talisman I made you to the Casino on Thursday haha...



  • Dear AstraAngel,

    You are absolutely 110 percent right thats what I have been thinking all alone to leave it be.

    After all its been two years now.

    Just wanted to confirm my feelings about this matter and you hit it right on the dot.

    I really enjoyed your reading and you made me laugh. I like laughters and funny people. You sound like a nice and fun guy. I have read some of your responses to some of the people here and you sure take your time to answer them all. Thats really wonderful!

    What sign are you? I'm into astrology and I'm curious about your sign if you dont mind.

    Also I think you read my mind I have been thinking of going to the casino. Its only an hour away

    from here. I go about once every two years and the casino always ends up taking my money.

    I only take $100.00 with me thats all I can afford to throw away once every two years.

    But its time now so you read my mind. I'm still thinking whether I should go or not.

    If I go and win I will keep you posted.

    Anyway hope you have a blessed day, a blessed week and a blessed year always!!!!!!


  • Hi Magickal

    I am a Capricorn. the goat. 🙂

    Good luck on the casino, I have tried that a few times, the slots. Never spent much, however I think adding up all the trips together I probably did make a profit overall. However it is a weird sort of world in there... all of these machines going... the tables are interesting. I never got my nerve up to try blackjack or craps or the others. I looked into some card systems there are some strategies to help with Blackjack however the house always still has the advantage... you try to trim that down as far as you can with a card system.

    I hope you do well at the casino if you go! Here is wishing you great luck there!!! I hope you hit the jackpot! 🙂

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